Monday, October 7, 2013

Theadsbazaar is Scam

Theadsbazaar turned to scam. I'm proud for those admins posting news about the program that they will be close because of invalid reasons. Those admins saying that program still paying but withdrawals always pending for more than 2 days are called cheaters. They lying everyday or every time they post news update regarding the program. Many programs are the same scam tactics that still doing every time the program will collapse. Its better to tell the truth from investors than waiting for many promises said by admin. I lost $17.05 from this program using STP processor.

Investment: $128
ROI (Return of Investment): $110.95

LOST - $17.05

I got paid today from fidelisfinance (PM), and eurasianasset (PM). Regarding the program adclickxpress about green bucket started to cheat from members. It is the same issue from past scam tactics about hitting green light bucket but can not withdraw the money. This is the 3rd domain of the program that admin still scamming from new members. As usual, those cheerleaders are won because of past referrals still active even most investors are already inactive. I guess, admin will create again new domain after no investors will come into the program. Centurionprofits is also in problem about pending withdrawals. The most popular scam for this month is called after90days that the domain is gone. At first, admin posted that the program is hack but who knows? After few days, the website can not access already.

Deltatraders added a new security for deposits, withdrawals and reinvestment's for receiving confirmation through e-mail while keystoneloansdivision lower the payout minimum that is good for small investors. These are came from update news both admins of a program:


07.10.2013 at 6:06:51 employee support ticket has been created as follows:
Dear investors, 07.10.2013 Delta Traders will provide new system to protect your account: all financial transactions (reinvestment, withdrawal) will be carried out only after e-mail confirmation. Investors! On 07.10.2013 in the office of the investor will be a new system of protection of all financial transactions (reinvestment, withdrawal) will be carried out only after confirmation by clicking a link from an email sent to your registered e-office support mail.

Sluzhba Delta Traders


Improvements and changes

Dear Members,

First, I would like to welcome all new members that have joined us in the past week. Keystone Loans Division is growing at a good steady pace and we are seeing new members from all over the globe. Today, we will be implementing a translation feature on the website to make it easier for all members and advertisers alike to understand what KLD is about.

We have received many requests to lower the payout minimum because of the lower rates we are paying. Unfortunately, with processors such as Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay, this would not be feasible for members due to the minimum fees they charge per transaction. The good news is that Perfect Money only charges a percentage per transaction. With that in mind, we have lowered the minimum request for Perfect Money to just $0.10

Some new members did not notice that we charge a deposit fee when using Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay which left them short of the minimum amount to purchase an ad token. After careful consideration, it has been decided to leave the minimum deposit at the current $10 limit, but to change the minimum ad token purchase to $5, to avoid members having to deposit again.

Lastly, to add more value to our advertising, we will be changing the ad system on the main page. We will be adding additional ad spots, thereby allowing advertisers to benefit from the prime advertising page of KLD.

Thank You,
KLD Admin

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