Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stronginv latest improvements?


I received payments from fidelisfinance (PM), eurasianasset (PM), stronginv (PM) and browsgroup (PM). At last, admin of stronginv posted news about the latest improvements of the website. Every time I log in, I'm looking for the investment status of this program because of large amount of money even the members around only 4000. You can see at the bottom right side of the website. This is the latest status and update news:

Online days   |   86
Active Investors   |   3712
VIP accounts   |   781
Total Investment   |   $ 1,437,473.70
Last update   |   Oct 9, 2013


Good morning everyone,

I would like to apologize for not sending out a newsletter sooner. I have actually updated our website but in doing so, I was so immersed in it, that I forgot the main thing, informing our members !

Well, let’s see what is new in StrongInv world:

1. Calculator feature is now added.
I know how some people dislike to have to register first to calculate their earnings. We listened, and we added calculator so you can now work out total earning in a few seconds instead of registering first

2. Important links added.
We received a few emails from our members about how to get started in StrongInv. As well as replying them personally, I found it beneficial to include them on our site as well.

3. BlockDos upgrade
Just checking to see if you are reading this:). We actually upgraded this last month and just like to point it out again. Browsing the site should be trouble free now with zero % downtime !

4. StrongInv growth
I have no other word to describe it!
I know, I know, you would like to hear about it now, but such good news deserve a newsletter on its own. Stay tuned till our next newsletter.

Real or fake as long as the program will survive at the month of December and members will be happy.


I got paid today from fidelisfinance (PM), browsgroup (PM), eurasianasset (PM), stronginv (PM), keystoneloansdivision (egopay), and deltatraders (PM). BER month already then many popping up programs everyday. Everybody needs money before Christmas Day and HYIP world is the one that many scammers specially admin of a program. I'm just watching those new promising program expecting to be a good program before the end of the year. There is also new features from the program called pnenow but few members still promoting this program. Around one (1) month already but still less than one thousand members. I'm not expecting this will be survive at the month of December but admin trying his/her best for promotion. This is the latest update news if you will open your account:


News update 10/09/13 - We are paying and strive to success; Cycling; Promotion; 

We are paying and strive to success;
We are paying and strive to success; Once you have enough available balance, we encourage you to withdraw. We highly recommend you to submit your testimonials and invite people you know. The more we grow the more you will earn. 

Cycling changes;

Our current purchases are not reaching the average of 2% daily. Starting today (10/8/13), our cycling will temporary follow our original method. The method is that every new purchase from STP or EgoPay will cycle 35 positions. This cycling method will continue till our membership reach 2,000 and the average purchases from STP and EgoPay meet the 2% daily requirement. You are still earning 2% but in a slower pace until we reach our potential. 

Above your Account overview, you can view the daily total positions purchases from STP and EgoPay. You can also view the positions will be cycle on that day. 

Promotion positions for all members;

We now offer 15 promotion positions (with 25 max_cycle) to every existing and new members. Every ONE new purchase from STP or EgoPay will activate ONE promotion position. This offer will continue till our membership reach 2,000 (Our first goal).

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