Sunday, October 6, 2013

Theadsbazaar turned to problem status

Theadsbazaar turned to problem status. Sad but true, admin posted update news today that the program will be close. Few investors are only active, admin said. If you do the math, those who have no referrals only got 70-90% withdrawals. Only promoters or have referrals are won in this type of programs that same style from past admins. She is said from news that the word REFUND will get some of those who are in profit. Is she telling the truth? I would say NO because it is only tactics so that if admin created a new program it would be possible for being honest again. Yodaman of MMG is one example that saying refund from members but only 10% of members received. Any programs that few members that support the program will not successful for more than four (4) months.

I got paid today from fidelisfinance (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and browsgroup (PM). Another program that I think will not successful is called pnenow. It is almost one (1) month but less than one thousand members are registered. This is the full update news of the program theadsbazaar today:


Dear Members,

This is one email I had not envisaged sending for a very long time. The Ads Bazaar has been a family from day one. I post as the 'boss' but I am just the front face, the one that takes all the glory. Well now it is my time to take the hardship.

From it's conception, TAB was developed as something new, something fun and ultimately something that truly had a chance to grow and become more than than the usual HYIP. I believe in my heart that we achieved part of that. In 3 short months we became a family and I loved reading all the posts about how much fun everyone was having. The only problem we had was whilst everyone inside TAB was having a blast, no one new was joining. I know how hard many of you promoted for us and me and the team hugely appreciate it. But for some unknown reason it was impossible to attract new members.

Well that isn't entirely true. It isn't an unknown reason. Sadly there has been far too many greedy admins out there who run away long before they have given their programs a chance or had no intention to do so from the start. This in turn has caused members to become cynical and panicky at the slightest thing, moving from program to program like a swarm of locusts on a feeding rampage. The HYIP/Surf world was never legal but it used to have a conscious. Admin ran programs to the bitter end. Members supported each other and the program they were in, they put back in without having to be forced to, they built accounts and only withdrew their initial deposit at first. It wasn't unknown for programs to last 9 months to a couple of years and members actually made a ton of money. Now it's a miracle if one gets past 10 days. Things have to change, people's mindsets need to stop thinking ME ME ME, MONEY MONEY MONEY or this industry will be dead in a couple of years. Sorry! , I didn't mean to have a rant and it certainly isn't aimed at you guys for sure but it needs to be said.

So here are the words that I've been waffling around trying to avoid - TAB is closing. We have tried everything humanly possible to keep it going but it just isn't feasable. There is enough money left to pay one more round of payouts but I am not going to do that. We have some members who have never made a request and it would be unfair to pay some who are well in profit already. I did an audit today of all accounts. I have a list of all members who are not in profit. A few of you were only pennies away and some bigger accounts were over 90% paid, those were placed with those in profit. The rest of you will receive refunds but how much and how quickly is still to be determined. I will send a more detailed update on this in the next couple of days or so.

Today has been extremely emotional for everyone involved behind the scenes. We have gone over multiple scenarios on how we can keep going and no matter how wonderful they all sounded, in reality they would just be delaying the inevitable. I have personally spoke to some members and they had made some great suggestions too but again, would they really work long term? I'm not so sure.

I started this email by stating we are a family and as a family we are all entitled to have a say. It has been suggested that we freeze earnings for now or tell those who have earned a certain amount that they must repurchase to carry on earning. What do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas? I can't say I will change my mind on closing TAB but you are entitled to your say. Just keep in mind that there is very little money left right now and we only have 97 active members.

You read that right, we have only 97 wonderful members who kept TAB going for over 3 months. Just imagine what we could have done with the 1000's of members those rev share programs get that die within 2 weeks.. sigh.

I am truly sorry for any upset this email will cause and I can not express how much I will miss playing and working with you all.


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