Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ricanadfunds is Scam

Ricanadfunds turned to scam. For me, this program is already scam since last year but admin trying to proved that the program still paying. Waiting for payments every 3 months for your pending withdrawals is like a lottery that if 5000+ active members then less than 100 members will be paid. Imagine, my $15 pending is still their even some members got paid but others are unlucky. This is one of my successful programs that I registered then made a lot of profit or income. The other two programs are justbeenpaid and adhitprofits. They are both still alive because of cheer leaders and nothing can stop them. Hoping for a good program will launch because Christmas Day is coming. I won $735.60 from this program for my small investment. My income result:

Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
WON - $735.60

I got paid today from stardc (PM), fidelisfinance (PM), eurasianasset (PM), and deltatraders (PM). I added a new program in my list called stronginv. The program is already 2 months paying but hoping a good future even for this one. I hope its not too late from this program because those who joined early are already around 50%-100% with profit already. This is the latest update from the program called theadsbazaar:


Weekend Winners!

Dear Members,

My apologies for being late in announcing last weekend's winner (although we did announce it in the chat room last night).

Our wonderful winners were srle87 for Saturday and chiron for Sunday but we all know how hard it was to choose winners from all the stunning posts. Kudos to all participants!

This week we are offering a different prize and we hope the winners and everyone will be pleased. Srle87 and Chiron will get the very first 2 ads on the TV on our home page!

Please submit a ticket with your ads, the size needed is 843x454 pixels and they will be displayed soonest. Congratulations!

I want to also let you know that since STP came back up, we have had a few error messages. I've had to do a few payouts manually. Please check your accounts as I had to change a few STP usernames as caps are very important with the new design. You might need to know these changes for other programs you are in. For now though, all payouts are done.

Let's get back to business as usual. Post as much as you can, it's allowed! Share out to outside networks as much as you can. Participate in the Referral Competition or simply resolve to bring in your friends to join us and TAB should be well on it's way to be the real advertising business we all want it to be. Your Business!

Have a happy mid-week!

The Ads Bazaar Management

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