Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stronginv is Paying: my 6th HYIP this month of September 2013


Strong Investment. offers stable long-term investment opportunities for all people around the globe. Investing, broadly is laying out money or capital in a company with the expectation of profit. Also banks do that but banks interest rates are very low compared to other options like Forex trading. Forex trading ist the key to gain higher profits. We offer an opportunity to invest in the forex market.

"Forex" or "FX" is the common name for the Foreign Exchange market, which is the largest financial market in the world. With a daily turnover of over $1.9 trillion, the Foreign Exchange market conducts more than three times the aggregate amount volume of the United States Equity and Treasury markets combined. Unlike other financial markets, the Forex market has no physical location or central exchange. It operates through an electronic network of banks, corporations, and individuals trading one currency for another. Since the Forex market lacks a physical exchange, the market trades continuously on a 24-hour basis, moving from one time zone to the next, across each of the world’s major financial centers every day. Opening an account is fast and ready to activate within 5 minutes from any place of the world.

Investment Plans:

Strong Starter
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Starter $10 - $10,000 2.50

Strong Advance
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Advance $200 - $20,000 3.00

Strong Premier
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)

Premier $500 - $100,000 3.50

Min Spend: $10

Accept: PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay
Program started: July 15, 2013

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