Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eurasianasset - my 4th HYIP this month of September 2013

Eurasian Asset is an innovative investment company with a fresh new approach to both traditional and emerging markets. We strive to create a real value proposition for our partners and shareholders. Our investment strategy is a reflection of our values and course of action. The company businesses are compliant with Gold, Silver, Bond, Stock trading and Forex. We are determined on identifying suitable business opportunities which present the optimal balance between the current return on investment and future growth.
We are leading by a group of strong management and board of experts committee team. Members of the committee have between 18 and 40+ years investment industry experience. The core of our investment team has worked together since 2009. The stability in our team approach fosters an institutional investment process.

Our mission is to provide exceptional and advanced investment and financial solutions through its knowledge-based approach, highly experienced committee, and extensive network of relationships across the region and strong links to international members.


Our Investment Package

1.00% Daily Interest Eurasian Life
Interest send to your account daily for life long. Principal can withdraw after 365 days. Once withdraw principal investment, it will stop paying.
Minimum$ 10.00 Maximum$ 250000.00

2.00% Daily Interest Eurasian Year
Interest send to your account daily for 365 days. Principal return at the end of 365 days. Compound is allowed.
Minimum$ 3000.00 Maximum$ 50000.00

4.00% Daily Interest Eurasian Pro
Interest send to your account daily for 365 days. Principal not return, only interest return.
Minimum$ 5000.00 Maximum$ 150000.00

Minimum deposit: $10
Payment processors accepted: perfect money, egopay, bank wire and western union
Referral commission: 5%
Program started: September 12, 2013

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