Friday, September 13, 2013

Planetofprofits turned to problem status

I received payments from the following programs: stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), fidelisfinance (PM), planetofprofits (STP), and royaltradeunion (PM). I visited my account from adclickxpress then found $10+ in referral commissions but can not withdraw because admin started again to play withdrawal limits. Then restart featured done again but I saw monitoring sites that they got only around 50-85% ROI (Return of Investment) unless you have new recruits then your in profit. If there is no cheerleaders this program stopped already since they migrated to new domain. It's the same story from those past scamming tactics from this program. I received update news from theadsbazaar program:


Important reminder!

Dear Members,

A real quick one today. But this is an important reminder. Since we have had a few questions about this, please read the following carefully:

If you are not a Founder and have active contracts whose value is above $50, you will need to start paying your monthly Associate Fees. You have all been informed since we started over 2 months ago this would happen but we know if your earnings are suddenly disabled, there will be a fair number of you who will be disatisfied.

So we are giving you a bit of extra time to pay the Associate fees. You have till this coming Sunday. Then on Monday, if you are a non-Founder with active Contracts valued at above $50 and haven't paid Associate Fees of $4.95, your earnings will be disabled till you do. I hope that you will appreciate this consideration.

May I also remind you, you STILL HAVE A CHANCE to purchase a FOUNDER'S PACKAGE, this chance will be GONE in 15-17 hours.

I do apologise for the brisk tone, I am a bit swamped but promise that all will be back to normal in the next 2-3 days.

The Ads Bazaar Management

P.S. I'll send a more fuller update and add the new FAQs to the site tomorrow, promise!


Planetofprofits turned to problem status. Some members have pending withdrawals with over 48 hours already that stated in FAQ page for processing withdrawal. This program looks like game over even if members said that the owner is honest admin. As I learned a lesson from those programs that never trust any admins even some old past programs are successful for many months. Although, I lost $3 from this program if admin stopped paying but those who invested a lot are lost if they started this day or other days.

I got paid today from stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), royaltradeunion (2x-egopay & PM), eurasianasset (PM), and fidelisfinance (PM). Fidelisfinance celebrating one month anniversary with over $40, 000 total investments that admin said in the news update of the program. I got also new about the program theadsbazaar, there are the informations:


Tokens explained

Dear Members,
Well, we seem to have launched quite smoothly. There was a few hiccups but they have been dealt with rather easily. *knocks on wood*

Founder positions are now closed. Congratulations to those who got one, apologies to those who missed this special offer. Don't worry, you will still love TAB anyway!

I'm sure you all noticed that the Token button was added yesterday. Many have already had fun with them. To those that are still a little confused what these Token are about, let me explain them again in a little more detail.

When you do your daily activities, as well as qualifying for earnings, you also earn AdCredits. Once you have accumulated 1500 of these AdCredits you can go to the Token page and swap them for a Token. You do need to be either a Founder or have paid your monthly Associate Fees to access this feature.

There are 3 possible Tokens awarded randomly by the script. Red, Blue and Gold:

A Blue Token will give you 0.15% more on all active and new Contracts for 50 business days or till the Contracts expires.

A Red Token will give you 0.3% more on all active and new Contracts for 50 business days or till the Contracts expire.

A Gold Token will give you 0.5% more on all active and new Contracts for 50 business days or till the contracts expire.

You can also buy the 3 Tokens using your Account Balance. You can not use your Rebate Balance for now. We may consider this later on. A Blue Token costs $35, a Red costs $50 and a Gold is $75.

You can have as many Tokens as you wish but you can only have one active at a time. The 50 business days expire from purchase date, so I would advise you do not go crazy unless you have plenty of AdCredits and wish to keep trying to get a higher Token.

During phase 2 you will be able to swap/buy/sell these Tokens for a small fee. You may wonder why anyone would do this? Well it allows brand new members to get access to Tokens without having to wait for the AdCredits needed and for possibly a lower cost that what we offer. It also helps members who struggle to reach our $50 minumum in Contracts by saving AdCredits and selling their Tokens to the highest bidder.

I am feeling a little less mean today, so I thought I would give a hint on our major long term plan. We believe we have come up with a unique way for all members of TAB to earn and help TAB grow at the same time. It will not be passive, you will have to do your share but you will be greatly rewarded for it. It will take advertising to a new level and you guys will be in it from the beginning!

Nearly done, I promise! lol Just 2 more things - this weeks fun weekend details will be sent out late tomorrow but we would like more suggestions for Categories please. Post them in the usual ways: and or

skype:?chat&blob=voyoGt_ ZmMONEAWkzHHz6X3t_i-ad-QpNAB7Aj7LO3BnjBDA7O1UTG5vlu2QzVF5_GaQfa25jjH6WltdB8yvFAa0S9gs-cS_rcutA-SsoDnqb-iSzj-4DH9_L3RQHEMSLnVSw5iUQ95_GfJkYqAxafaIN_iD9LAtPXWK2e4hxi_DC9q_BrP6exLHqWGGDs5JSYEOhIquPaY7Y4dlwoTUIYw

And finally, just a polite request about posting. Please remember that TAB is a family and even though we all love the cheeky images, some are getting a bit near the knuckle. I don't want to have to delete any if I possibly can.

The Ads Bazaar Management
Member's menu buttons

Hi guys,

We know the member's menu buttons are not working for some of you. We are looking into it now.

Until it is fixed you can right click, select Open in new tab and that will let you access the Activity Wall. Or you can click on the Advertise, FAQ and Testimonial Tabs above where the buttons appear to work fine on those pages.

The ads Bazaar Management


One month anniversary!

Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr,

Fidelis Finance is happily celebrating one month online and we are sending this newsletter to let you know about our success so far. We have received over 40k USD in total investments since our program was launched and we already have members in profit according to our investment plan.

We are very satisfied with our results as of today and expect our total investment amount to grow to over 100k USD within the next month. We'd rather not setup this type of goal since the industry can be pretty volatile but we have big hopes for that. We are very happy about not only doubling our investors’ capitals but also by awarding new loans to startup companies. We apologize for those clients who are waiting for our final answers, this a process that takes time due to very strict policies from our company but don’t worry, good news are coming your way.

As we promised last week, we allowed one trusted monitoring website administrator to login to our scrip's back-office to check the veracity of all the published information and he made screenshots himself, these screenshots have been published and you can see them here - We hope this action will help you increase your trust even more. We are now thinking of new ways to share facts about our investment system with you. Also we would like to thank Paul of for taking his time to investigate our financial details and share it with his followers. We strongly believe that having a clear business is one of the keys to success and we will work hard on providing you as much information about Fidelis Finance as we can.

We would also like to thank HYIPExplorer admin who graded Fidelis Finance with an A, their maximum grade for any online investment program. This type of rating means a lot to us and most of all, it means we are doing business the way it should be done. We expect to receive more gratifications like this in the future. Thank you for those who voted and wrote about Fidelis Finance on blogs, monitoring pages and discussion boards, you are a big part of our success.

Since we mentioned this topic, you may like to know that Fidelis Finance will shortly be interviewed by Paul from Money News Online, one of the most respected monitoring services out there. We have discussed the details of the interview and expect it to be ready within a couple of days; you will find a link to it in our ratings page as soon as it’s published.

As I finish writing this newsletter, Fidelis Finance has an Alexa rank of 50k, meaning we are among the top 50k most visited sites in the world and an outstanding rank of 2300 in Russia, showing how popular our program is Russia right now, a big “Spasibo” to the Russian online investments community.

Once again,
Thank you for being a part of Fidelis Finance, you are the reason of our success and our motivation to keep on providing you a top notch service for years to come!

Your Username is: cyclesplushyips
Your Email Address is:
Your Available Balance is: $0

Thank you,
FidelisFinance Team

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