Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adhitprofits turned to problem status

Adhitprofits turned to problem status. I visited some of forums about this program and read all comments that some members started blocking accounts without any valid reasons by admin. There is a new featured called mini-shares but mostly not interested to return back investment from every program. If you still ride this type of program, I will recommend to get your money before its too late that your account within other day will also block by admin because of your large amount in your account balance.

Pnenow is a new program with the same script and design from the old program called ad2million that paying for around 7 seven with long processing payments. This program paying for 2% daily for 300 days. The program launched yesterday with over 400 members that only STP (solidtrustpay) processor used. I hope egopay and perfect money will added as another processors so that the program will survive for many months. I got paid today from stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), and fidelisfinance (PM). Latest news update today from the program called theadsbazaar about the improvements:


Very important read!

Dear Members,

This is an important update, please read every word!

The Bazaar is here! Yes! We are finally launching. Just over 2 months since we opened our doors and we are finally launching. We are very happy with the progress that we have made with TAB, many of you recognize that we have a winning concept and while we are all enjoying the fun spirit, we also know that TAB is one of the few programs that has the potential and ability to go a very long way.

Before I get to the details of what our Launch is, let me say that this is just the beginning of what will be extensive developments to TAB. The first couple of Bazaar features are being implemented now and there will be more to follow in 3-4 weeks and thereafter there will be periodic releases.

Now, the programmer had earlier disabled Founder packages which of course should not have been done. We of course have several members now asking why they can't buy Founder Packages. Fortunately, he has enabled them again and since we know there are many last minute purchasers, we are giving you till the morning of the 12th server time to get your Founder Packages and then they are GONE!

Other than that we are proceeding with our Launch. So all the changes we have been speaking of now apply. The main ones are the monthly Associate Fees of $4.95 and the $50 Minimum for a Basic Contract.

And now for our Launch! Our Launch is synonymous with what we call The Bazaar! The first, basic phase of the Bazaar is complete. If you have been posting, you will have a TAB Credit Balance in your Member's Area. These Credits will be used to get you Tokens in The Bazaar. Please Note, if you are not a Founder, you will have to pay the Associate fees of $4.95 to be able to get your tokens.

In The Bazaar, if you have 1500 Credits, you will be able to exchange them for a Token. The System will assign a Random Blue, Red or Gold Token:

A Blue Token will give you 0.15% extra on all your Active Contracts for 50 business days.

A Red Token will give you 0.3% extra on all your active Contracts for 50 business days.

A Gold Token will give you 0.5% extra on all your active contracts for 50 business days.

You can also purchase these Tokens at $30 Blue, $50 Red and $75 Gold.

In the next Phase to be released in 3-4 weeks, you will be able to exchange/sell tokens and there will be a fun money game that will have NO LOSERS. We have one other long term addition that will be very exciting but you'll have to wait a little longer to find out what that will be. Yes, I am a meanie, I know! :D

Tomorrow, you will have detailed BAZAAR related FAQs.

As you know, with any new software being implemented there can be small or even large hiccups. We are no exception, there have been a few bugs, most of which have been resolved. We have also had our hosting upgraded, this should hopefully reduce the downtime we've had lately. So we go on with business as usual.

And also, from now on you will be informed beforehand of any developments since we have officially launched. More importantly, we want to hear all your suggestions and feedback. We may not be able to respond as quickly in the next few days but we'll settle down soonest and get back to you. In the meantime, support is fully on and we do answer in our usual timely manner. Payouts are as fast as always and we want to keep things just as they are in these two important areas!

Oops, I nearly forgot, welcome to all our new Tabbies. You made it just in time!

The Ads Bazaar Mangement


I received payments from the following programs: stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), fidelisfinance (PM) and royaltradeunion (instant-PM). I invested $100 for the program royaltradeunion for my 3rd HYIP this month. I saw that adblessed is already stop paying from members that admin scam me within 22 hours for 4th launched. The admin is permanent banned from the forum MMG (moneymakergroup). I lost $55.86 from this program and it is officially scam.

Investment: $150
ROI (Return of Investment): $94.14
LOST - $55.86

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