Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Malaysian-inc is Scam


I got paid today from lionbux (3x-payza). As stated in the update news, there is no issues with payza withdrawals because admin contact payza support team from manual verification's on some of the large deposits. More details are here;


No issues with Payza Withdrawals

Hello Everyone, This is a quick update to inform you that Payza withdrawal processing are been delayed, this is because we would like to contact payza support team today to do manual verifications on some of the large deposits we received. This is nothing serious; we want to make sure we don't run into any issues with our payza account. Withdrawals in all other payment processors have been processed. Thanks, Walter.

View, Click, Earn Platform Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Good Day!

We are very thankful to every member for all your continued support and
belief in our program. We are sending this newsletter to keep you updated
about our plans, earnings and other issues.

First of all we have been steadily growing day by day. Our current
statistics are as follows:
• Total Members: 5,498
• Online Members: 252
• Total Purchases: $146,401.00
• Total Cashout: $54,542.20
And for us it is a very big achievement 3 day old program considering the  weekend. This growth was only achievable because of "Your" supports. we  value all members and we want you to know that Lionbux is your solution to
profitable advertising and revenue earning online, your participation here
is a WIN - WIN prospect.

Secondly, members are made reports on forums and reach us on the delay of
payza withdrawals. Let me remind everyone once again that from the very
start we have announced that there is a 3 day hold on all deposits made
through payza but there is nothing to worry about, all those pendings will
be processed as soon as funds in our payza are made available in our
account. We were able to process the past withdrawals as a result of the
funds we loaded in our account before the program started, so please stay
relaxed everything is going very well as designed.

Lastly, my team will be on some major forums today to give support to our
extended Lionbux family, I will be answering as much questions as I can on
every forum.

New features are coming soon, more earning opportunity, It's sharing and earning every four hours.


Admin of

Admediaprofit admin decided to use 50/50 rule for those who have already in profit. This is the details I received from my email:


AMP Updates & The 50-50 Rule

14th August, 2013

Hello  cyclesplushyips,

Congratulations for being the best part of the #1 Program on Net based on the Revenue Sharing Model.
We are growing Big in terms of business and popularity. Thank you for your continued support and great effort in spreading the good word about AMP all over the internet. We really appreciate it!

Our current membership count is more than 14,900 and we have successfully completed 5 weeks of our operation today.

We wanted to share the new developments taking place at AMP so that you can appreciate the amendments as important steps towards making this a long haul program.

Our Social Media website – has been appreciated and accepted by people across the globe and we are now an active and growing community where people share, care and build relationships. We have plans to enhance our revenue share in AMP through ad revenue generation in Page3Face. However, in order to achieve this goal all of us must play our part in making this a popular community in their part of the world. Invite your friends and be an active poster.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could share our AMP experiences, Withdrawal and all other issues on this medium?
 Its one place where you’ll love to – Enrich and Be Enriched!

With every growth comes new challenges. We are processing enormous number of withdrawals manually daily. We have a 48 hr timeframe for completion of the same. Actually, its 2 calendar days to be precise. E.g. Withdrawal request of 13th is completed before 15th and so on. We are pleased to inform you that we’ve been able to streamline our Withdrawal System within the prescribed time limit for all Pay Processor including Payza.

When we started AMP we were very sure that we will create a new benchmark in Rev Share Industry and that we’ll allow the Little Guy (Joe and Susie average) to be a winner. We intend to move forward keeping this vision intact. We want it to be our guiding force for our way ahead. Keeping this goal in mind and to consciously avoid hit n run players, we have introduced a “50-50 Withdrawal Rule”. This new policy will create a level playing field for all and help provide bigger share of the rev share pie to small players and new entrants.

50-50 Withdrawal Rule:
The 50-50 Rule will apply only to Big Earners- members who have earned 3 to 4 times of their deposit through pay processor (as enumerated below).
As per this Rule, 50% of the requested withdrawal amount will be paid to your payment processor and 50% will be credited back to your e-wallet which you may use for PIF or Re-purchase of Adpacks.

The 50-50 rule will only apply to the following accounts:
 * Those who have deposited less than $100 and have withdrawn $400
 * Those who have deposited between $101 to $300 and have withdrawn 400% of their           initial adpack investment
 * Those who have deposited more than $300 and withdrawn 300% of their deposit

We are working hard behind the scene to add new dimension to this concept and make it Life Changing. So, keep up the good work and continue to share your payment proofs to support our growth.
You are welcome to e-mail us at: to send us any suggestions and advice.

To Your Total Success,



I got paid today from lionbux (2x-payza), The withdrawal from payment processor went back to normal with 24 hours. I'm a member for almost five (5) days and got around 70% from my investment. This will be good if normal income and withdrawals will process everyday. This is my income for today:

Investment: $185
ROI (Return of Investment): $117.89

Malaysian-inc turned to scam. This program is already successful for seven (7) months paying even LR is already gone. I'm one of an investors in this program through LR but since they accepted exchange with other processors with high fees some members still got in profit. I invested only few bucks of dollars and received more than 200% from my total investment. 

My income status:

Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $276.99 in profit
WON - $191.99

My latest total profits for today:



Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $402.18 in profit
Investment: $185
ROI (Return of Investment): $117.89
Investment: $128
ROI (Return of Investment): $42.01
Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $163.43 in profit
Investment: $169
ROI (Return of Investment): $242.40 in profit
Investment: $122.83
ROI (Return of Investment): $127.74 in profit
Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $1366.67 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit

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