Sunday, August 11, 2013

Admediaprofit is Paying: received my 100% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program


I got paid from malaysian-inc (STP-18 seconds), lionbux (4x-payza & egopay), and admediaprofit (payza). Admediaprofit is one of the successful profit sharing program that passed over two (2) weeks. I joined 2 weeks old just like what happened when registered in the program adhitprofits. Who knows that this program is the #1 top profit sharing program among old and new that still giving more than 20% per day from investment for almost a month. I got my 100% investment from this program today even its already late. Most of my referrals that joined in my link invested within the 1st week and I think they are already won. This is my income status:

Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $144.43 in profit

I received an update news from this program:


10th August, 2013

Hello Members,

Wishing you a great weekend!

Just wanted to update that we have processed the next ad pack gain run scheduled for 3 PM (IST) but it might take additional time for the amount to credit in your account because we are experiencing delay in cron job processing due to heavy transaction log. Please bear with us while we sort this out before the next run.



I got paid today from theadsbazaar (STP), and lionbux (3x-payza & STP). I think lionbux will be the next successful program unless the income will getting slow. I'm expected that the income will be the same until 1st week or else investors will worry from there money. This is my income for 48 hours:

Investment: $185
ROI (Return of Investment): $65.76

This program will be in profit within 4-5 days if you have no referrals. This will be good unlike other programs that will get your investment within 1-2 days until big investors doing hit and run. I will not participate in the program called jubyadshare version 2 after what happened especially those investors who lost and not in profit. Good luck for those who will play again in this program.

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