Friday, August 16, 2013

Lionbux turned to problem status


I got paid from admediaprofit (payza), and lionbux (2x-payza). Both programs have problems. Admediaprofit under DDOS attacked. You can not open the program and wait for the return. I hope it will be back to normal. Lionbux stopped paying from PM investors. The withdrawals passed over 72 hours. I lose around 40% from this program then decided to filed dispute. If your payza investors, just click my payza account then go to resolution center. After you open the page, go to file a dispute at the upper right page. This is the letter email from lionbux admin update:

Dear Members,

I am sending this newsletter to welcome our new members and to thank our old members. We have been on a steady and stable growth untill monday, however we are very thankful for your support.

Regarding payza withdrawals, we are glad to announce that we have already processed all pending payza withdrawals. Just to remind everyone, that due to the large number of withdrawals we ask you all for your patience and understanding to allow us a maximum of 72 hours to process all requests, we have processed withdrawals faster in the past but because we need to manually check on withdrawals request we are asking for more time from you.

If you have spare time, please visit our pages and the forums to post your proof of payments as this is the greatest way to support us.

New features are going to be added so stay tuned.

Again, thank you very much for the overwhelming support!

LionBux Management


I got paid today from lionbux (payza). Admin of this program decided to sent news letter for those who lost money to get refunds. Too many promising profit sharing programs but most are failed. Much better if you sent support ticket about the issuing of refunds or else file dispute both Solidtrustpay and Payza investors. I filed dispute already from this program yesterday and already escalated. I think this is the last update from admin, here is the email I received:

Dear Friends and Partners of Lionbux,

It's no good news today, I cannot say much as I deeply feel the pain like every other member who have joined and supported Lionbux from start. We appreciated your time and support for our program, we saw how members joined the program from start and we were pleased with the trust of funding and buying AD share too bad, we couldn't handle some important factors and this has resulted in the collapse of Lionbux.
We have processed refunds and withdrawals in our payment processor accounts and we have exhausted all funds, off course some of the funds deposited were used to pay ref commission, we bought adverts etc so in real sense some members lost but not all. We made sure members got refunds in both STP, Payza and Egopay until the account was zero. Payza have placed holds on some funds, hopefully they can refund to members because we dropped a note to explain and let them know members which should get some refunds at least.

Now the big question is what really happened? The plan was right the execution wasn't very bad but there were fake accounts that found their way into the system and stole way too much funds. We didn't noticed it on time as we had closed to five thousand withdrawal request to process daily and we wanted to be fast in processing all. I could go on how hard I tried to keep this sorted out on time but all effort was to no avail.
Thanks for your supports and remain blessed.

Admin of Lionbux

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