Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clickadprofits is Scam


Clickadprofits turned to scam. Most members expected that this program will stay for more than a month but no one knows this is one of fast scams. I won $4.91 from this program and my last withdrawal went to pending for more than 3 days. I filed dispute from this program but admin is active defending the program for payment processors. There are too many profit sharing scams this week and new programs never stop. This is my income status of this program:

Investment: $122.83
ROI (Return of Investment): $127.74 in profit
WON - $4.91

Admediaprofit is the only profit sharing program that paying for more than a month. The only issue here is withdrawals that processed for 2-3 days and you can only request 2x a week. Last few days ago, admin created a new rule for sustainable of a program that can still survive for the next month. I received an update news today from this program:



19th August, 2013

Dear  cyclesplushyips,

Thanks for your support and positive effort in promoting AMP aggressively.

As you are aware, the last 4 days we have been subjected to constant DDoS Attacks which has been successfully tackled and taken care of by us. However, this incident has caused some delay in our withdrawal processing schedule because we were pre-occupied with finding permanent solution to the DDoS attack which seemed to threaten our very existence.
However, we do understand that we have to keep our withdrawal within the time limit hence we have decided (in consultation with our members on Skype and MMG) to cancel all pending withdrawals of 18th and 19th August. This will allow us to complete all pending withdrawal requests of 16th & 17th August by tomorrow latest and we shall comfortably be able to get over our backlog and process future withdrawals within the prescribed timeframe of 48 hours. You may make fresh withdrawal request after 5 hours from now.

Please remember that we are here for long term and we have to address any problem that creeps in a pro-active manner so that we can protect our system from malicious attacks.

Good news is that our offline business (locally) is growing like never before. We have already added new business worth $250000 in the last few hours. So, gear up guys we are all set to crossover to Level2.

To Your Total Success!



I got paid today from admediaprofit (payza) for 3 processing days. After the payment, you can see into the withdrawal page that within the next day can request again for new withdrawal. I'm not too active within this week due to lack of funds because of changing processor to PM (perfect money). After some members received problems for payza processor that reverse for payments, it could be a dangerous processor that perfect money. I decided to changed again to perfect money funds before its too late. Payza is one of the dangerous processor for today because of fraudulent funds that will be reverse if any person sent to other account. If a person won in dispute, it will be reverse automatically to other account. If you need payza funds, find a reliable trusted exchanger because of dangerous fraudulent funds. I will start being active again if I have perfect money funds.

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