Friday, August 23, 2013

Uinvest turned to problem status

Uinvest turned to problem status. Most monitoring sites put the status of this program as officially scam. The thread in MMG (moneymakergroup) in this program is already closed. I have only 1 share left in this program but who knows if this will stop paying anymore. I will give another month of this program if there still hope to return back to normal. I have two programs working left. These are theadsbazaar and admediaprofit. I received an update news both of these programs;


It's time to crank it up!

Dear Members,

TAB has been online for almost one and a half months and we have been keeping things pretty low-key so far. No monitors, no major promotions and no real advertising campaigns except for the Leaderboard banner on MMG.

With The Bazaar looming around the corner, the time has come to crank it up! Join hands with us and TAB will get off the ground in a BIG way.

We have had some very fruitful discussions with a few, very supportive members and after some discussiond we have come up with a fun action plan that we will reveal in the next few days.  But until then here are a few new titbits to keep you going..

A Splash page has been added to the promo area to help you with your ad campaigns:

We are starting an Ad co-op. As always we like to keep it simple.  When we have collected enough for a decent ad campaign, an ad with a unique URL will be sent out and 100% of the RC will be distributed on a pro-rata basis to all the members who were in it. The same for the a different ad campaign, etc.

It's Ad Mania at TAB! Buy any ad and get a matching 100% Free Ad. If you buy a one week login ad, you get 2 weeks of it!

To our brand new and current free members.  If you don't plan to have an active contract, you might want to reconsider having one. When The Bazaar launches you will be very pleasantly surprised!

It has been brought to our attention, while looking at places to advertise, that there is a site that monitors how trustworthy a site is thought of, supposedly by those who use it. Unfortunately we have a couple of negative comments there. As you all know, a lot of work has been put into growing TAB into a real advertising program.  There are a lot more developments in the pipeline to achieve this goal. We feel we deserve so much better than our current scoring. 

Please take a moment to leave an honest comment there:

And last but not least, a big thank you to all of you that participate during the weekend fun! Congratulations Laurasmoney for winning the jackpot!

The Ads Bazaar Management


AMP fights back : Update on DDoS attack

21st August, 2013

Dear  cyclesplushyips,

We have been constantly attacked by hackers and scammers over the last  15 hours. This DDoS attack is more severe than what has been happening in the last few days. However, we are on top of it and hope to get back to 100% normal operations in a couple of hours.
We wanted to update you with how things have been in the last few hours. Here’s an excerpt of the communication we had with Snoork: our anti-DDoS service provider:

Update-1: “You are under a massive DDoS attack at the moment. We are working on filtering the attack and apply few changes, but you may want to consider looking at the Enterprise DDoS Proxy, as you are getting hit with extremely large PPS (packets per second), which is just saturating that proxy”.

Update-2: “At approximately 6:50 PM EST on 8/19/2013, Snoork Hosting Engineers were alerted to a large inbound PPS (packet per second) attack against averaging above 6 Gbps. At 6:55 PM EST, Snoork Hosting Engineers have upgraded your DDoS Proxy to Enterprise Proxy free of charge for the next 6 hours. Professional DDoS Proxy offers up to 4 Gbps of DDoS protection. In an event the attack continues above 4 Gbps threshold for more than 6 hours, we may be forced to null-route the IP. To prevent any service interruption, you may consider upgrading to a higher end DDoS Proxy”.

Update-3: “At 11:50 AM EST, we were forced to null-route the IP as you were getting hammered with several different attacks, including SYN flood, TCP packets, and UDP flood. As the attacks started increasing in size, one of our DDoS Mitigation Devices started getting overloaded with the packets as you were getting hit with 10 million PPS, plus the incoming  UDP flood. We are currently working on getting that secondary layer of protection in place, but it may take few hours as we have to setup and configure two DDoS Mitigation Devices to work together in a cluster mode to withstand the attack you are getting hit with”.

Its ironical how people try to pull down a thing which is creating amazing second income for the masses. No matter how much these lowly people try to pull us down we shall come out stronger than before.
We are now totally in control of the situation. However, DNS propagation might take little time (2-3 hours) for the website to load properly. So please be patient for a few more hours.
Lots of exciting things are in pipeline to continue our growth streak into the future. Our ever-growing local business is fueling our motivation to take on the world head-on and write a new history of growth and success.

To Your Total Success!


I saw many new revenue sharing programs this week that will be launch. Most are re-launch programs / re-changed / re-designed or some members called them as part 2 or game 2. Admediaprofit members started to panic because of pending withdrawals. After this happened, I think some doing massive withdrawals before its too late. I will be out also after a week because of delaying tactics of withdrawals. Some will stay, others will leave. It's your own choice if you will still continue until the end.

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