Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lionbux is Scam

Lionbux turned to scam. No one knows where should the program stopped paying if you support the admin at launched date. Investing in all programs are very risky. If you got the honest admin that successful for over a year, you earn much money since the program started. That is all investors in online business wants to have passive income. I did not put much money in my payment processors due to what happened in LR (liberty reserve) so invested this program for few bucks of dollars. I lost $56.31 from this program. This is my income status:

Investment: $185
ROI (Return of Investment): $128.69
LOST - $56.31

I got paid today from theadsbazaar (STP). Posting scam alert from a program is very important so that new members will stop investing money in a one program. In joining a program, you must be updated everyday or week what's new about the status if everything is normal. Admediaprofit is survived for the DDOS attacked yesterday. In went back to normal and requested withdrawal for today. This is said from the latest update news came from admin. I received also an update news from the program called theadsbazaar:


Security is being Enhanced!

17th August, 2013

Dear cyclesplushyips ,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the great support, belief and encouragement you have provided us during this trying time.

We were subject to severe DDoS Attack multiple times during the last 48 hours. The last attack was around 8 hours back when Error 522 was being displayed on trying to connect to AMP website. However, due to our resilient support team and your unwavering faith on us we were able to overcome this crisis. We are now moving forward towards enhanced DDoS Protection.

No doubt our competitors are threatened and can go to any extent to undermine our progress. But we are now determined to be stronger than ever before. We are focusing on restoring our operations back to 100% normalcy and we are moving ahead with business growth as fast as ever before. The DDoS attack resulted in causing a slight delay with our withdrawal. 30% of our  14th August withdrawal was pending the other day and is being completed today. You might experience a slight delay while we bring everything on track this weekend.

Our local business is all set to go to the next level with massive promotions and duplication taking place here. Our global business is growing like never before and we see it multiplying fast in the near future.

Fasten your seat belts and be ready to enjoy this ride. Together we are going to write a new chapter of success in the Rev Share Industry.

To Your Total Success!



Weekend update!

Dear Members,

I am so sorry we haven't been able to communicate much lately.  Our mailer has been playing up, so I am using our gmail account to ensure everyone gets this update.

There is a lot that needs my attention behind the scenes. Time is ticking away fast and we are very eager to bring The Bazaar to you!

I do want to take a little time and appreciate all of you for being so co-operative and helpful. We are quite late announcing this weekend's fun exercise but many of you are already posting, that's totally awesome of you!

We had something different planned this week but it will have to wait till next week since we are late with the announcement.

Therefore for this weekend, we'll do a variation of what we do usually. We will choose one winner for both Saturday and Sunday and that lucky member gets away with the loot, $100! Once again, do remember this is pure random fun so anyone can win, even if you don't have active contracts. Just please be sure to post on both threads

Have a fun-filled weekend!

Amanda Taylor
The Ads Bazaar Management

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