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Admediaprofit - added in my list


I got paid from aetheradvance (egopay). After many negative comments from forum about the program called admediaprofit, members not expected that will be successful for more than two (2) weeks. I invested few bucks of dollars from this program after jubyadshare is dying. For those investors that full 100% compounding since they joined, never expected that will get your full investment from this program. The program stopped earnings from ad packs / ad units but paying. How will you earn if the income stopped? Payza admin account frozen because of members dispute after this all happened. The admin will release JAS version 2.0 but if I will pass from this game #2. I know hit and run investors doing the same that in my mind. This will be new program new cash policy. If you follow my rules in playing those ponzi program you will won. This is the update news came from admediaprofit came from my email:

The AMP Social Media Website Beckons You!

Hello friends,

Thank you very much for your great support.

We are happy to inform you that we are in our 4th week of business and going very strong. We started out with a vision to create an online earning opportunity for the masses. We wanted to create a new benchmark for rev share programs and we wanted to set it high.

Have we been successful?

That’s for you to judge.

What we know is that we have been consistently generating good rev share earnings for our valued members. We have focused on enhancing our business model on a regular basis and created value-for-money advertising opportunities for our advertisers to promote their online business and their affiliate business link. All in all we are striving to achieve excellence.

The great response from our advertisers and positive comments of our valued members all around the internet bear testimony to the fact that we have made a positive difference in the lives of so many individuals.

We have been really busy working behind the scene working on our new projects and completing our plans for the next phase of AMP.

We are truly humbled and feel grateful that you have made us a part of your daily life. But now we aspire for more. We intend to facilitate your social life networking.

We are elated to announce our new Social Media Platform – our Social Networking Website is ready to be unveiled in the next 24 hours.

You can now use the AMP Social Networking site to connect with your friends, share photos, videos and music, chat, promote your business in our classified section, use new applications and do a lot more.

Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow and for some great news to take your financial life to the next level.

Please, keep up the good work and continue to share your payment proofs to support our growth.

You are welcome to e-mail us at: to send us any suggestions and advice.

To Your Total Success,



I got paid today from both programs malaysian-inc (egopay-19 seconds), and theadsbazaar (STP). Admediaprofit withdrawal can only request one every 2-3 days. Admin is active from all concerns about withdrawals just sent email, through skype and forum. I requested withdrawal yesterday because my account balance since I am free member have already $10 even not invested because of referral commissions. I remembered the program adhitprofits that invested more than 2 weeks but still successful for 3 months paying then after that income decreases. From my observation, you will be profit for 2 weeks from the program called admediaprofit. Its better to join this program that JAS version 2 than the 1st program of admin collapse within only a week. 

These are the following programs that received news update today: jubyadshare, aetheradvance, and theadsbazaar:


Dear Friends and Partners,

Good day and thank you for your continued support and for standing by us. We are sending this newsletter to keep you updated about our plans, earnings and other issues.
First, please, members should use the support tickets to ask about account related matters such as lost funding, and other such issues. Sending tickets for unrelated issues like low earnings only clog our ticket systems and we may miss more serious matters.

PLANS AND EARNINGS:  We are a revenue share site and only share profit from sales made on our site. We are still here and have not broken out Terms of Service. Please understand that earnings will be low and slow when sales are low and slow. For instance, in the past 3 hours plus, only $80 sales were made. There is no need crying scam or foul , or sending tickets about earnings– those are the same reasons people are leaving; and we are still very much online. Also, we are working on an Advertising project that will increase our income. Always remember that No Earnings guarantee are made or fixed daily income promised. If we support each other (and with our oncoming project) we can turn the table around and make money for the longer term.

WITHDRAWALS AND PAYZA:  We will continue to strive to pay cashout request. We have also added to our stats the real processor deposits on our site to give members the true picture of our financial standing as we don’t want people thinking we are sitting on their money. However, please be informed that all Payza withdrawals will be on hold as our remaining funds in Payza are frozen due to members raising multiple disputes even when they have withdrawn from Jubyadshare a couple times. If not for the disputes, we would have paid pending Payza cashout request. But as soon as the disputes are resolved (and if Payza releases the fund back to us), we shall pay up.

LOST PASSWORDS:  Be informed that you can now change all your passwords – primary and secondary passwords – from your account back office. No need to send support tickets, just log in and follow the Edit Preference tab.

I want to personally thank our dear members who are encouraging us through mails and in forums. We love you all. Thanks and until next update.

Admin Juby


Updates and Next Few Days..

Hello everyone.

As you all know, our revenue that is generated from our advertising package sales is what is primarily used to share to our members in the form of the percent per day daily earnings. With all of the revenue sharing program craze over the past two months, it has been incredibly difficult to compete against other revenue sharing opportunities that pay out a higher daily percentage than us, albeit for a much shorter time frame.

We have exerted ourselves in leveraging some of our Aether Advance funds to generate additional income to share to our members in some of the recent revenue sharing programs, but our new member rate and purchases being made by new members have slowed significantly over the past month, and now we simply cannot keep up with our daily percentage payouts. The dramatic decrease in new purchases being made, along with multiple fraudulent deposits, have been the primary causes for our abrupt closure.

It brings us great disappointment that we have to share this news. Earnings will continue to run from tonight, Friday August 2nd, to Sunday night, August 4th. After Sunday's earning run, earnings on advertising package purchases will be ceased and our members will have Monday and Tuesday to request any remaining amounts from their Cash Balance.

We have lowered the minimum withdrawal amount to $2 so that more members can withdrawal out their remaining funds, and we have also disabled new deposits to be made.

To those of you who have lost a significant portion of their deposit/purchase: We will send an email on Monday, August 5th regarding our decision on what to do to help lessen your losses.

Again, we apologize about how things turned out for our program, but it is not something that can be avoided at this point. Tomorrow marks our second month anniversary of being online, and we hope that you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have.

We will be sending out another newsletter to update everyone again on Monday.

- Aether Advance Management


A few notes & Weekend Fun again

Dear cyclesplushyips,

The mailer is working now! We missed communicating with you especially over the weekend which was a lot of fun for many members and us too. Back to business, there are still one or two members facing issues with the checklist not updating inspite of tasks being completed. According to feedback from our programmer, the script cannot log activities outside our website. This means that if you share to Facebook or Pinterest those sites don't send a message to our server which can be pinpointed as a completed task by a certain member. If you just Like/Repin within TAB, there should not be any issues. This is rather unfortunate (or not) because sharing to outside networks is, as we all know, what will put TAB on the map faster. However, we feel that we can rely on every member's goodwill to still share images that you like to outside networks. As we go along, we will think of ways to persuade you to be more active in this exercise. For now, though, we are glad that those few members who have this issue have a solution. Just do 5 likes/Repins within TAB and you'll do fine. We also apologize that so far we have not given you an estimate of when The Bazaar will launch. Our Programmer has been rather busy but he has already started working on it, we will keep nagging him (albeit nicely) for an estimate! May we hazard a guess? Last Week of August or First Week of September! Well, another weekend is upon us! Let's do what we did last week only with a slight twist - winner takes it all! That's right, on Sunday one member wins $50 for Saturday Postings and on Monday someone will win $50 for Sunday's postings. On Monday, we'll reveal how the winner was decided upon. Remember, this is just plain fun so pleased don't analyze! Just one rule again, please post to both : 

Once again, you don't have to have Active contracts to participate, everyone has a fair chance. Go for it!

The Ads Bazaar Management

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