Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adcashblast is Scam

Adcashblast is scam. This program is another fast profit sharing scams that not last for a month. Some programs scams after three (3) days then especially those profitable around 24-48 hours. If you will not invest during the launch for first 12 hours, you will lose. I didn't put large amount of money from this program but still lost $19.11 from my total investment. This is my status:

Investment: $52.00
ROI (Return of Investment): $32.89
LOST - $19.11

I got paid today from malaysian-inc (STP-44 seconds) and jubyadshare (payza). Buying one (1) ad share from every profit sharing program is not working unless you will withdraw the full amount after it will expire. If you will play from this kind of programs and others, compute the interest of amount you invested then the minimum withdrawal. Example: if one ad share earn $2 after expiration and minimum withdrawal is $10, you need to buy five (5) shares. But I recommend to buy more than 6 shares so that you will not lose from the fees from both programs and payment processor. If you can't take the risk then play with other programs. This is the jubyadshare news update today came from admin:


Hello Friends and Partners,

Please accept my apologies for a break in communication. Our email server was down, and was just fixed awhile ago.

Please, take note and be guided by the following updates:

1. Members can now edit or change their secondary password from their back office. Just click Edit Preference and edit your passwords.

2. This is a revenue share portal. As long as sales are made within a profit share period of 20 minutes, the system will share profits to members. Profits shared are related to site performance in terms of sales and deposits. Sending numerous support tickets and emails complaining about slow earnings wont help, also, raising disputes with Payza is misleading as we are online and not run or scam with your money. Try to support us by referring people.

3. Cash outs are processed manually and members should please allow up to 48 hours before sending tickets. These numerous tickets will fill the system and hide more serious support issues.

Please expect more updates soon. Thanks.

Admin Juby

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