Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adprojectx is Scam


I got paid from both programs malaysian-inc (2x-PM-46 seconds & 1 minute 5 seconds), and aetheradvance (egopay). Nothing is new. Every week there is new profit sharing programs to play but if choose the best one, you will earn. Most investors using payza processor to protect the funds against scam admins. If they scam within a day launch, time to dispute and kill the program. There are admins not accepted this payment processor so that they will scam fast. However, select those programs with good support, communication from admin from forum, etc. Jubyadshare admin sent news update but not interested already from new version JAS 2.0;



Hello Friends,

Thank you for your support. Please, be informed about the following updates:

EARNINGS: The sales coming in are just too small for the system to share among the 800k plus active adpacks, so we set the system to share once it can reach 0.01% per adpack, but we discovered it will not favour those small adpacks. Now we have set the system to share profit once it can get upto 0.1% per adpack, but that will mean longer time to accumulate enough sales to share.

NEW PROJECT: We are working on a project that will help us build up our business again and make profit over the longer term. The features are still kept under wraps, but we just want you to give your opinion about one of the ,main features just as a guide so we know we have your support. Please follow the link below to vote:

PAYZA: Payza cashouts cannot be attended to now as our remaining Payza funds are frozen due to members' disputes. Please, note that we would have paid these cashouts if not for the disputes. We are here and have not broken our Terms of Service. Please, support us by cancelling the dispute so we can move on together.

Thanks and until next update,

Admin Juby


I got paid today from admediaprofit (payza). Admin said, there is a problem about payza account that's why the withdrawals always delay. I received it for three (3) days but after need more days to make new withdrawal request. As I know, you can only request 1-2x a week for withdrawals. I saw in my account that can only request 2x a week. This program is more popular because of crazy earnings that never stops. Who knows after few days this will be the next one.

Adprojectx turned to scam. Most admins trying there scam tricks to continue operating the program. I never trust the program if they turned to problem. There are many complains from this program specially in MMG forum. Never put a new fresh money from this program until admin stop operating the program. I won $45.13 from this program. This is my income status:

Investment: $156.45
ROI (Return of Investment): $201.58 in profit
WON - $45.13

Admediaprofit and jubyadshare received news update today:


Update on PIF

Hello Friends,

Just a quick update!

As per our Newsletter on 3rd August, we initiated the ‘Cash Balance to E-Wallet’ transfer  (PIF) of amount upto $500. However, as soon as the PIF went live, we noticed some technical error in withdrawal process most likely because there are conditions in PIF that affects Withdrawal as well. We are working on this small glitch and hope to fix it soon. Hence, ‘Cash Balance to E-Wallet transfer’ (PIF) will resume from 5TH of August, 2013.

Keep Promoting and Happy Earnings.



General Program Update

Hello Friends and Partners,

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and for voting in our recent poll about our new project. Thanks for being there. Please, be updated as follows:

Earnings: Presently, sales are very slow and very low, and many times, no sales at all, so earnings will be slow and very low too. But we are working on getting back fully in business with your support. We shall also carry all members along who are below BEP, just read the update below.

New Project: We shall be bringing you update about the new project as we progress. The project is expected to be ready within the next one week to a maximum 2 week. Our main focus is establishing a great Advertising platform that will attract advertisers and create a good additional income source for us all. We have seen your votes and read all your comments, and we shall be guided accordingly. You shall not be disappointed.

Plan For Members Below BEP In Jubyadshare: As we launch the new project and depending on its success, we shall keep and accumulate about 3% - 5% of our revenue share for 2 – 3 weeks or more, and then work towards paying back 100% or less of the balance below BEP to members. Please note that this will depend on the new project success, and it’s purely out of goodwill as we have a Non-refund policy in our Terms of service. While we are working out this plan to help all members below BEP in Jubyadshare, please, we all MUST understand that in this type of business (and according to our Terms of Service), there is a strict NON-REFUND policy for the fact that every sale is shared to other members and sponsors are paid referral commissions, so the money is not ours to keep, we just share all the money received. From our Stats, you can see that almost all the fund received have been paid out. Some members earned above 200%, others 150% and 100% - 140%. But for the sake of GOODWILL, we will care for our dear members below BEP and please understand with us. Let us work together instead of calling ourselves names and raising unnecessary disputes. We are here and still online and doing our best to pay within our very limited resources.

Payza: Since members are still raising Payza disputes and our funds still frozen, we cannot process Payza cashout until the disputes are fully resolved and funds released back to us. It’s also sad to see that even members who have withdrawn so many times are also raising disputes.

Lost Passwords: All members can now change both their Primary and Secondary Passwords. Just login, Click Edit Preference Tab, Scroll down and you can edit any of your passwords as required.

Please, take care for now and until next update. Good luck.

Admin Juby




Investment: $304.22
ROI (Return of Investment): $212.69
Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $402.18 in profit
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $275.09 in profit
Investment: $128
ROI (Return of Investment): $31.58
Investment: $122.83
ROI (Return of Investment): $127.74 in profit
Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $37.05
Investment: $169
ROI (Return of Investment): $242.40 in profit
Investment: $350.49
ROI (Return of Investment): $1366.67 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit

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