Friday, July 5, 2013 - new way to earn money from social network and email provider

CashUnite is a social phenomenon – online interaction has never been so rewarding.....until now. With the power of people, get paid to connect! We are a revolutionary new way to earn money from every social network and Email service provider in the world!

CashUnite is the World's first, Multi Social Network platform, enhancing a user's ability to simultaneously connect and interact across their Social Networks, through one hub.

Our revolutionary Social hub means keeping in touch with friends and family just got quicker and easier.

With CashUnite, your friends, family, colleagues and contacts are all available at your fingertips! Gossip, share experiences, discuss ideas, post pictures, share music, add videos, express opinions - all your activity can be shared across your networks seamlessly.

Our groundbreaking, Peer-to-Peer Social Profit Share System, is the first of its kind and will change the way we use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google + and 100's of other social sites online...FOREVER...

We are still currently in pre-launch stage, however we are due for launch very shortly. Launch details will be communicated to you closer to the time.

You can now start building your levels of connection in your network with friends, family, colleagues and contacts. When they start to build their levels of connection, these people will be assigned to your network also, multiple connections that you can earn from!

As a full member of CashUnite, we allow you to upgrade and earn through deeper levels of connection. Think of how many people you are connected to directly and how many that might be through friends of friends of friends... With CashUnite, you can earn an uncapped income from ALL your contacts.

Join Now! Viral Multi-Social Hub - CashUnite unifies ALL the major Social Networks and Email providers in the world, via one hub!
You can socially interact with your friends and family, across all your Social Networks, reducing time and management of your social life!
World class customer support - our professional and friendly team are here for you!

CashUnite is a new revolution in social networking online and wealth creation combined! Earn an UNCAPPED, monthly residual income, from ANYWHERE in the world! Why pay advertising agencies when we can pay YOU!? DAILY payouts! One of the biggest online opportunities, with a GLOBAL market size!

We donate a proportion of our profits to charity - we believe in helping make a difference!

Get in now and invite your friends before they join and invite you!!!!

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