Friday, July 5, 2013

Admediaprofit - 1st new profit sharing program this month of July 2013

AdMediaProfit is a powerful multi-dimensional revenue sharing advertising platform that offers a unique solution to its members to advertise and earn at the same time.

Every time new ad packs are purchased 90% of the sales revenue are shared equally among the previously sold active ad packs. Additionally, 90% of all other revenues (as mentioned below) are added to the revenue share pool and eventually split among all active ad packs.

Revenue Streams for AdMediaProfit:

* Sale of Ad Packs ($10 per ad pack)
* Solo E-mail Ad Service (sold separately) !!
* 120x120 banner ads (sold separately) !!
* 240x120 banner ads (sold separately) !!
* 300x200 banner ads (sold separately) !! [displayed in member's area]
* 500x100 banner ads (sold separately) !!
* Ad revenue on the upcoming social media platform (Launching Shortly!)

Why Join AdMediaProfit?

* 90% Revenue Sharing from sale of Ad Packs and Outside Advertisement with Active Members
* Low Start up Cost - Ad Pack starts at $10 only
* Fast Maturity and Expiry of Ad Packs at 130% ROI level
* 1,000 text ad credits and 1,000 banner ad credits shown on our website for each Ad Pack
* No Sponsoring required to Earn
* 5% Direct Referral Commission plus Two-Fold Matching Bonus on all Ad Pack sales on your 2 teams
* $10 Minimum Withdrawal
* Re-purchase Not Compulsory
* SuperFast Withdrawal Every 24 Hours
* NO need to Login or Surf to Earn
* Upcoming Social Media Platform leading to more ad revenue to be shared here

Member's Benefit:
You buy advertising credits from AdMediaProfit by purchasing ad packs. Each Ad Pack costs just $10 and expire when they have earned $13.
Banner Ads: Members receive 1,000 banner ad credits per Ad Pack that they purchase
Text Ads: Members receive1,000 text ad credits per Ad Pack that they purchase

Affiliate Commission:
i) Direct Referral Bonus: Members will earn 5% of every ad pack that their own personal referrals purchase.

i.e. Level 1 (Direct Referrals): 5%

ii) Two-Fold Matching Bonus: Members will earn 5% of the matching team sales turnover on their two team for all levels.
Sign up early and make fast cash !

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