Friday, July 5, 2013

Admediaprofit added in my programs list


I got paid from adzibiz (STP), fundprix (PM), and aetheradvance (egopay). Every week there is new profit sharing program came out because of the program adhitprofits for being popular program. The only survive profit sharing program called adzibiz that paying for more more than ten (10) days already and added a new feature PTC (paid to click) section. I will make a decision within few days if I will play there new feature. I joined the program called cashunite few days ago as another social networking site. This is not a  HYIP or profit sharing program but as an affiliate member to make money. I think this is same as my affiliate program from the past the you need to upgrade your account every month to make money while promoting programs, build your network / account and many more. Join as a free program and I will explain soon if we will make money.

My 3rd deposit from the program called fundprix, 100% compounding:


I added a new profit sharing program called admediaprofit from my list. The program will launch within the next few days but I will keep on eye as a while because of many new profit sharing program fast scams. I got paid today from adzibiz (STP), and malaysian-inc (STP-52 seconds).

As of now, I recovered all my lost money from LR (liberty reserve) last month that immediately closed without warning from members. Many people lost a lot of money in this biggest scam as payment processor. There is a news that they will be back within few months but I ignore and trying to move on for all my losses. I got an update news from the program called adzibiz. This is the email I received:


Dear Cecilio Abalos Jr,

Welcome all our AdziBiz members, This is a newsletter letting you know more about our very stable and reliable Business, that is based on fully sharing with our members.

Lots of people are asking about the Owner and Team. We want to tell you that we are really busy and working hard to bring AdziBiz to its maximum potential. We want to ensure that everyone is a winner and we encourage all to buy more Shares, Ads and invite more people to our family.

Tickets have been answered late due to the fact that we are really focusing on developing and expanding the Business. Before sending a ticket try to look at the FAQ page to see if that can answer any of your problems and if that doesn't help then send us a ticket. People who cannot really understand english, please use google translator because it is very difficult to understand your problem and we want to make sure we can fully help you in any situation.

Some new features and updates we are adding to AdziBiz is the Security Seal, This will help make sure that the privacy and important information is kept safe. Forums and of course PTC have been launched so that people can go on and help one another with their problems or needs, Make sure you check out our new Facebook page and give us a like, The page is called AdziBiz-Powerand we look forward to see all our members support.

For a few hours we will be doing maintanance to get rod of all errors and bags for the system, The site will be Up or down but do not panic because we are doing this to make the system strong and secure.

Lets build our Business together because we are all one family, AdziBiz Family.

Robert A. & Greg Ts
CEO and Founder

My 4th deposit from the program called fundprix, 100% compounding:

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