Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adhitprofits nearly collapse


The status of the income from the program called adhitprofits giving a warning sign for getting collapse within few days or month. Visitors of my blog and others confused why I stop re-purchasing or buying revenue shares from this program. Even in facebook some people saw ask them why I don't have already revenue shares. I said, I quit in game. Last few weeks, all investors are happy because of giving high interest of revenue shares purchased but went to slow income every 30 minutes or per day. All my referrals stopped re-purchasing revenue shares already for this happened. That is a good strategy that never buy again shares and get your money out but its too late. I don't have any revenue shares already from this program since last few weeks. I deleted all my banners in my blog and link to stop promoting this program. If a program turned into problem status this will be called RED FLAG ALERT. Some of my followers / readers in my blog listened what I said from my past programs but others don't care all my warning signs. This is the latest update news came from admin:

Turn building your business into a more profitable experience

Cecilio Abalos Jr,

AdHitProfits can turn building your business into a more profitable experience.

Most people within the online income industry are involved with at least 2-3 different income opportunities.

Our advertising services allows you to buy a directory listing, view other listings from members, and share in site revenues on their $45 purchase up to $56.25.

Viewing other member's opportunities and websites in turn brings thousands of highly targeted visitors to your website who are proven buyers.  This is gold!

In addition, we offer banner advertising services and forum advertising.  All revenues from each service and account convenience are shared with you and everyone!

One great thing about adhitprofits is that we offer PPC banner advertising.

Let's get real... When it comes to increasing your income through any opportunity, you need more customers, or referrals.

To get more customers, you need more targeted traffic.  The best way to get targeted traffic is through organic methods-- meaning, someone seeking for what you have, and going to your website because they found you.

Banner advertising with adhitprofits places your banner in front of your targeted community for income opportunities.

You only pay for the exposures that generate click throughs to your website.  This traffic coming to your website is someone who is seeking for what you have!  Your visitors are only people who saw your banner, and decided to click on it to find out what was on the other side.

Targeted traffic => sign-ups => sales => you make more money !

That's what AdHitProfits is all about... helping you reach higher income potential online!


Ad Hit Profits

Those who followed early my new profit sharing program called adzibiz are already in profit if they invested. If you don't have money for investing shares promote it in many social networking sites, websites, paid-to-click sites and others. You can earn even a free member as long as active promoting the program. This is my latest status from this program:

Admin replied from my support ticket about the issue from perfect money withdrawals. He said, the perfect money withdrawal limit to $500 daily and posted the issue when you requesting a new withdrawal. I decided to buy new one (1) share by using solidtrustpay payment processor so that I can make withdrawal. It works and I requested new one.

I got also an update news today from the program called aetheradvance about transferring cash balance to line balance.

Quick Transfer Change

Hello everyone! Just a quick update today.

We have decided to increase the maximum amount that you can transfer from your Cash Balance to your Line Balance from $50 to $100. If you would like to transfer funds to purchase more positions in the Advance Cycler, feel free to do so.

Have a great day!

- Aether Advance Management


I searched a new website about the ranking of my blog. You may visit at

I got paid today from adzibiz (solidtrustpay), and malaysian-inc (PM). As of now, I have short term HYIP called fundprix and playing 100% compounding for PLAN 1. These are the  status of my deposited money from 1st and 2nd day.

I saw that many HYIP monitoring sites joining profit sharing programs when LR shutdown.  Admin of the program called megamoneyhybrid posted a news update about LR that they will return. I never read it in my email about this issue. One of my readers in my blog sent also an email why I don't have an update about those programs ismadsincome and ricanadfunds. I'm not excited from those programs just like other loyal members that still promoting in facebook. If you want to read an update about those programs visit their blog.

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