Thursday, June 13, 2013

Profitgears is Scam

Profitgears turned to scam. Many big promoters and investors from MMG (Moneymakergroup) grabbed this program during launch. This is the new 2% daily program with no restart. Suddenly, the daily income is not accurate that said in the main website. Many members disappointed from the result of income. I used the test deposit here strategy in this program even many big investors put large amount of money. For the unexpected result of the income, many investors trying to leave this program and get the refund of there money. STP (Solidtrustpay) investors is the #1 who wanted the refund of the members if not they will file a dispute. Admin sent an update that no refundable from the program of the invested money but since STP processor is their no choice that they gave 80% of the money. Some members got 100% refundable but others nothing because their STP is already limited. I got 80% refunded from my own money from this program and lost $2.40. My income status:

Investment: $10.40
ROI (Return of Investment): $8.00
LOST - $2.40

I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x-STP). Admin of this program sent an update that posting payment proofs from forums, websites, social networking sites and many is not allowed already. For those who don't know the daily income from this program is giving approximately 15-25% daily. The ROI (Return of Investment) from this program around 7-15 days as long as your start at four (4) revenue shares. Imagine, this program break all the records in HYIP Industry because I joined only at 1-2% daily income from all of them but sometimes I joined higher daily interest. All my revenue shares from this program is expired and receiving only referral commissions. I reached over $1000+ withdrawals at this time and keep getting referral commissions everyday. I got three (3) update news again from the program called revsharethis and the other one program is aetheradvance. Here are details of there update news:

Launch Time Poll Results and Member's Poll Needed Regarding R.O.I and Ref. Com. Level

Hello Members,

Poll Results regarding Launch Time:

YES 80%
NO 20%

Majority of Member's have choose 'YES' so Launch of RST is on 16th june at 3:00PM (MGT +1:00)

Most of the member's have a request to lower the R.O.I to 120% or 125% with no repurchase rule and lessen the referral  commission level to have a sustinable longevity of RST.

Well, I too realized that if R.O.I is lower, then RST will have a sustianable longevity. This way not just the first comers, every one who joins late will also have the opportunity to earn.

I want RST to last long, so I want everything to be set before launch so we will not have to change the R.O.I or Referral Commission Level after launch.

So I'm conduction poll and I request member's to make yout vote.

What you have to do is Login and Goto 'Polling Place' in your backoffice and give your vote. (Reload the page if poll is not showing up)

Member's Question & Paul's Answer:

Q. so how long have you been in business and what is your vision for this company?
A. not much, I'm in online business stuff for 8years almost,
I have no previous experience owning a website but I have worked with other companies (Can't tell the names for some reasons)

It's simple, if member's are supporting and promoting RST
=> RST gets traffic
=> Backlinks
=> New Investments
=> Revenue Getting Generated with the ad spot sales.

with traffic and back links, alexa rank will increase
and it plays the key role as outside advertisers always want a site that has good alexa ranking to advertise their company and to drive traffic to their site.

Not just the ad spots, we even have other ways of advertising that outsider wants to buy.
About the other ways of advertising, I can't tell you yet as coder is working behind the scene, once it works perfectly, I'll let everyone know in my newsletter. Coder is working on another server so it won't be a trouble with errors or any other disturbance.

Not just the member ad pack sales revenue, every penny that RST generates, 92% of it goes into member's revenue pool and 8% goes to me and server maintainance.

Please join our facebook group and add your friends @

Skype: paulrst78

Until next time,
This Offical Resuilt of R.O.I For A Sustainable Longevity

Hello Member,

Member's Poll Result:

120% R.O.I & No Repurchase Rule 29%
125% R.O.I & 10% Repurchase 71%

I appreciate all your support to RST. It's not that I'm unsure of what I'm doing, member's were requesting to lower the R.O.I to 120% with no repurchase rule and some say 125% with 10% repurchase rule and lower the referral commission downline level, and I have to think and calculate for few hours and I realized RST might not be a fair game if offering 150% R.O.I because member's who get in first gets cycle faster and member's who join late might not get the opportunity to earn as faster as first comers.

So I've conducted poll to choose from 120% with no repurchase rule Or 125% with 10% repurchase and downline level remains the same 5level deep.
This is the final change and there won't be anymore changes later about R.O.I and repurchase balance.

I want everything to set before the launch, I don't want to have any problem or slowing down member's earnings after the launch.

I'm adding few more adspots and hired a coder to make some features to let outsiders to advertise on RST. 92% of it goes into member's revenue pool. This way everyone will get the opportunity to earn

I don't want RST to have an END. That is why I'm making everything sure before it goes to launch. I saw sites that were offering much R.O.I are off now, I don't want that to be happend to RST. It's bettter to have a plan that lasts long than to provide high R.O.I and end in few days right?

I can assure one thing that everyone of us from RST family will make money. We need all of your support and promotion to make it have a sustainable longevity.

Please join our facebook group and add your friends @

Skype: paulrst78

Until next time,
Surprise Update

Hello Members,

After having a big conversation with the coder. keeping the upcoming features in mind that coder is working on for RST, it strengthens my hope this will be a better plan to sustain with the competitors and generate more revenue thru new deposits and outside advertisements.

Good news for those who thinks R.O.I is low.

RST Ad Pack Plan: 130% R.O.I With No Repurchase rule, 5000 Banner and 5000 Text Ad Credits

Energy for supporters and promoters :)

Until next time,


Updates, Transfers, and Bonuses!

Hello everyone! I had meant to send out this update a bit earlier today but was sidetracked for much of the day. Have quite a bit to talk about today!

As some of you may have noticed, there is now a "Stats" tab in your back office which displays some more statistics you might find useful in tracking your account's progress.

We are now just over 950 members strong, and that means we are quickly approaching our 1000th member! To celebrate our growth so far, we have decided that the 1000th member, and every 500th member after that, will receive a $20 cash balance bonus along with a $5 line balance bonus! The bonus only applies to the member if they make a deposit. If a deposit is not made within 24 hours of their account being created, the next active member in line will receive the bonuses.

Now on to some Advance Cycler news. We have received many requests from those with lower deposit amounts to make it possible for them to play in the launch of the Advance Cycler (launches Monday, July 1st 10AM EST by the way). We have come up with a solution of allowing a cash balance to line balance transfer option available for the next 17 days. You can find the link to the transfer page right next to your cash balance. You will be able to transfer a maximum of $50.00 from your cash balance to cycler balance during this time frame. The transfer option will be turned off on June 30th, one day before the Advance Cycler launches.

Quite a bit of news, but I believe that's all for now. Thanks again for your ongoing support, and I hope to see everyone getting more excited as the launch of the cycler gets closer and closer!

- Aether Advance Admin

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