Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is Scam


Unitedpaycheck turned to scam. This program turned to problem status for more than a month. The main problem here does not pay liberty reserve payment processor. Since LR is already closed, the program has already good reason for being not paying for this payment processor. This is the news came from the facebook page of this program:
Dear Affiliates,

We at United Paycheck have been answering about the LR balance after the suspension of the currency. Please read carefully below points:

1. The LR balance can not be transferred to ANY other currency. The currency exchange is governed by industry rules and regulations. Anyone doing such exchange needs to get permissions. Since LR is no more working, there is NO possibility of this exchange.

2. The LR 'Main' wallet balance is still allowed to pay your monthly fee. This was supposed to stop on 31st May, but is now extended till further notice. This means that the LR balance in your main wallet still holds value even after there is no LR in the world. This step is to hold each others hand in bad times and loss.

3. Based on the market sentiments and new equations, we have been advised by our legal team to NOT start the currency exchange for any other currency as well. So, we are withdrawing the proposed currency exchange for all currencies.

4. United Paycheck is committed to customer service and business relationship with our clients. There will be no compromise to these principles and highest efforts are made to achieve this goal, daily.

We are and will keep moving ahead, together!!

United Paycheck

Unfortunately, LR (liberty reserve) processor is not only the problem but most members already have pending withdrawals from other processors. You will be luck if got paid from this program. I joined this program three (3) months old paying. I missed good strategy here because of 100% compounding for one (1) month after in profit for my investment of $500. I won $6.30 from this program. This is my income status:

Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit
WON - $6.30

I got paid today from adhitprofits (STP), and malaysian-inc (STP-33 seconds). I never joined pure HYIP for this month because of LR closed that affected most of my programs even some are honest admins.


I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x-STP), and aetheradvance (Egopay). I have a problem posting latest updates from my facebook page because the website link of adhitprofits  temporarily banned. You may visit my blog for posting latest updates everyday or once every two (2) days due to busy for being e-currency exchanger. If you need funds from your e-currency processors you may visit my other facebook page at the right bottom of my blog for website link.

Most people don't understand the meaning of the word SCAM. They will say the program as paying if got paid but most investors have pending withdrawals and they will not considered as scam programs. When you analyse the word SCAM, this is the main meaning if you search in google;


-         A dishonest scheme; a fraud.

This is the top meaning of this word SCAM. Most big investors in a program don't like to hear the word scam because they have lots of monopoly money and cause of panic situation. They are brainwashed investors that never accept the reality that the program is already scam. As a successful online marketer I joined more than 500+ programs already since 2010. I started with PTC (paid-to-click) programs but you will see those programs everywhere. Most programs are scam in online world but you need a good strategy to make money.

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