Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Briscofund is Scam

Briscofund turned to scam. This is the #1 of my favorite long term HYIP in my collections but who know that admin gave an scam trick for being sick and at the hospital. If you remember one of my program use this scam tricks to have a vacation and stop the operation for a month. Until now the program still alive and keep promising news update from members even some investors have a large of money from their account balance. No one knows the life of a program when they turn to scam. Always ready if invested already in a program if you take the risk. I have three words for being a successful in HYIP Industry: JOIN, INVEST, and WITHDRAW. I lost $44.75 from this program. My income status:

Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $255.25
LOST - $44.75

I got paid today from malaysian-inc (15 seconds), adhitprofits (2x-STP), and aetheradvance. Revsharethis admin is active sending news update for the plan of a program. I got four (4) emails received for today, these are;


Official Prefunding Results, News & Updates

Hello Members,

Member's Poll Final Results Regaring Prefunding.

56% of votes are to YES
44% of votes are to NO

Both are close but 'YES' won the poll and Prefunding option is added in backoffice.
I personally didn't wanted prefunding option to be had in RST, but YES to Prefunding won the poll, so I got to do my job.

While the poll is already running and when the same level of votes are going to NO I realized it won't be a fair play if accepting prefunding from the YES members and letting directly purchase with the payment processors to NO members as easiers and faster to purchase from account balance and takes some time if thru payment processors.

To make this a fair play, I've disabled purchases thru payment processors. Member's will need to deposit their accounts from "Deposit Account" page and will go to the "Purchase Package" and purchase with 'Account Balance' or 'Re-purchaseable Account Balance' once the purchases are enabled after the launch.

That's it about the prefunding poll results and effect.

One of our member named 'Antony Robins' spoke to a business associate  named 'Ken Barger' and Ken have some good suggesstions for RST.

His Suggesstion:

"Very nice conversation with him..he seems open. I would suggest to him to make it a membership...$5 or $10 monthly..that would ensure new money coming in every month, not that he needs it, but every bit helps. Plus, by making it a private membership, he can skirt the US laws that try to shut down sites like this. But if he has a sound model Like AHP..then I suppose all will be fine"

Well, that was really a cool idea of having monthly membership for new money coming and to keep RST have a sustainable longevity without any problem.

But what I'm worried of is,
1. Launch is in next 5days.
2. We don't have monthly membership option builtin.
3. Won't our members get disappointed if we have new plan now?

Prelaunch extention is needed if members want the monthly membership option to have, because we will have to hire the coder to code the monthly membership option.
So I'm conducting a poll regarding Monthly Membership Option and Prelaunch Extention for RST sustainable longevity.

What you have to do is Login and Goto 'Polling Place' in your backoffice and give your vote. (Reload the page if poll is not showing up)

NOTE: I accept anyone's suggestion that can do good for the RST family, but that doesn't mean I will take the final decision, member's votes decides the final decision.

About Generating Revenue Apart From Ad Pack Sales:

468x60 banners that are beside to logo will be sold on daily, weekly and monthly basis. same 92% of money from the ad slot sales will go into member's revenue pool and 8% goes to me and server maintainance.

Not just that, after the launch, timer from the main page will be replaced with 728x90 banners and sold the same way as 468x60 banners and shared the same way of revenue.

Solo Ads will be sold too with a limit of 3 per day and shares the same to member's as 468x60.

I will accept your if you have any more suggestions to generate revenue.

About Member's Skype Request:

Member's were asking for SKYPE and here it is
Add Me: paulrst78

Please join our facebook group and add your friends @

Until next time,
Hello Members,

Here's the Vote results of monthly membership fee:

Yes with $5 per month 19%

Yes with $10 per month 10%

No need of Monthly Membership Option 71%

Most of the members doesn't want RST to have 'Monthly Membership Otion', So RST will be launched as normal on 16th june (Time need to be adjusted).

Some member's are requesing for the launch time to be changed since it is midnight in their place. I'm conducting a poll regarding the  change of launch time.

What you have to do is Login and Goto 'Polling Place' in your backoffice and give your vote. (Reload the page if poll is not showing up)

About Prefunding:

Member's need to deposit funds into their account in order to purchase positions after launch. You can do this anytime you want, there is no rule where you have to do it in prelaunch itself.

Since I didn't knew that we will have prefunding option, I didn't test the automatic funding update system. Little code will be needed to edit and it will update in your account instantly. Until it gets fixed, I will have to add the funds in your account manually.

One member have a question that "why banner and text ads are below and no one will want to buy ad space that's down".
A. Only member's ads will be shown down there and will be on every page.
if offering 5000 banner and 5000 text ad credits and keep them on top, will we get advertisers from outside who pays $50 a day per slot  to generate and share the revenue to member's? That is why free slots are bottom and source of revenue is on top :)

Please join our facebook group and add your friends @

Skype: paulrst78

Until next time,

Hello Members,

As per some member's request in RST skype group, I've changed the time to 16th June 3:00 PM (GMT + 1:00).

If you would agree with the time, Make your vote in your backoffice at 'Polling Place'

Please join and add your friends to our facebook group @

Skype: paulrst78

Until next time,
Auto Deposit Update is Working

Hello Members,

You can start Pre-Funding your RST wallet now, all deposits will be updated in account instantly after the successful payment.

Until next time,


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