Friday, March 29, 2013

Optiearn is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program today

I got my 50% investment today from the program called optiearn that giving 3% daily for 70 business days (Monday-Friday). I invested $140 from this program with over 8,000+ registered members already and almost 6,000 active members. This is my income status from this program:

Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $77.75

I received an update news today from majesticrown that admin giving a short term plan from this program. I'm giving a warning sign for those who joined in my link that don't put any more money from this program because it is already in RED FLAG STATUS. Any HYIP that giving a new plan especially short term are near to scam in the future. I have a bad feeling that this program will scam this month of April, hope not. This is the email that I received from the program:

UPDATE NEWS: - VIP Plan 25% daily for 5 days

Hello Cecilio Abalos Jr

We are happy to announce that our website reached 50000 members and we are announcing VIP plan for only limited time. Don't miss this opportunity.

VIP Plan 25% daily for 5 days

If you invest $1000 you will receive 250$ daily every 5 days, total profit - $1250 USD

You can make investment from member area.

Minimum for this plan $500

Best Regards

I got paid today from the following programs: optiearn (4x), felmina (2x-problem status), ad-solid (instant), newfixtrade, financaeaglesinvestment (instant), sol-r (instant), proforexunion (problem status), investifield (instant), majesticrown (instant), axiominvestment, and stravia (problem status). Ad-solid changed also the new rule of withdrawal system to Monday-Friday (Saturday and Sunday disabled).

After reading all the post from forums from the program called jubirev I decided to cancelled my investment from this program. Good luck for those who invested in this program. Admin of megamoneyhybrid response again from problem issue about the program. I received an update news today:


It looks like we have found the problem in MMH and our programmer is working on fixing this. It will take some time as we have to do corrections too and we'll also implement new security measures. 

We will first get MMH up and running again and after that we will work on FCM. We may have some other problems there with hackers so we need to really dig into that. Especially since FCM have been running for over a year. The way these hackers operate it's possible we didn't notice they have been active in FCM. We do have a lot of security so I'm not sure if there's much damage (if any) but we need to investigate. 

Many sites have been hit by these hackers (not just our sites). Some admins have not been able to recoup and had to close their sites. I don't see that happen with MMH and FCM but we do have to check what our loses are. Maybe there have been withdrawals paid to those hackers or to members because of actions from hackers (like adding false units). 

It's very disturbing knowing these hackers are active trying to steal from every program that has a good number of members. We will implement more security as I mentioned before. Some may not like the extra security we will implement but I think it's important to make sure these hackers don't get a chance. We're starting to learn how they work more and more so we can hit them with the baseball bat even before they try anything.

Ok, it's hard to say exactly when we'll be up and running again but we're on it that's for sure. Will keep you updated on progress as always.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

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