Saturday, March 30, 2013

Financa is Paying: #2 representative member from Philippines

Financa is a combination of design script both programs royalty7 and silverstructure that successful in HYIP Industry. I am the #2 representative members from Philippines with investment of $150 from this program. The minimum investment is $20 with processing withdrawals of 12 hours from this program.

I got paid today from newfixtrade (2x), investifield (2x-instant), sol-r (instant), axiominvestment, optiearn, and financa. My 2nd deposit in malaysian-inc expired, playing with my 3rd deposit with the amount of $52.50 for basic plan. My new HYIP's are good so far except majesticrown that is in red flag status already. I hope this program will reach until the end of April. Profitclicking green light bucket withdrawals is like a lottery that you would be lucky. I'm online for 6 hours yesterday just to see the green light bucket in my account and received 8x but no luck. I wonder if those who can hit are new accounts because my account from this program is more than two (2) years. Some of my friends account deposited through premium but still no luck for basic withdrawals. Some accounts hitting the bucket withdrawals even it is in red light so keep trying and follow the pattern of alternate payment processors.

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