Thursday, March 28, 2013

Financa - 1st new HYIP for this month of April 2013

Financa is my new 1st HYIP for this coming month of April 2013. This program reached over 2500 registered members already that giving interest of 3% daily for 75 days. I received an update news today from this program so I decided to add in my HYIP list. This is the email that I received;


Greetings! Feedbacks page added.

Hello ,  Cecilio Abalos Jr 

You have been registered:  2013-03-28 01:05:16 
We have added a new page for Feedbacks, with independent list of Forums and Monitors sites related to us. This page contains a list of independent Forums and Monitor sites where you can see comments of our members and share your own. If you have any questions and / or problem with our service, please give us a shot and try to resolve it with our Dedicated Support.

Note: Please disregard the recent bad voting's they are all fake attempts to slander our good name.

Best Wishes

Mark Carney
Financa Ltd ,CEO

I got paid today from the following programs: felmina (problem status), ad-solid (instant), malaysian-inc (36 seconds), proforexunion (problem status), pipmega, bensonunion (problem status), newfixtrade (2x), eaglesinvestment, stravia (problem status), sol-r (instant), axiominvestment, optiearn, investifield (instant), and majesticrown (instant). It's good to see that malaysian-inc back to normal with fast withdrawals. I think this program still good for next two (2) months paying, let's see.

I received an update news today from megamoneyhybrid that the program is under maintenance due to issue of hacker that obtain hybrid units without any deposits from his/her account. I'm not worried from this issue as long as admin sent an imporant information if there is a problem from the program. I'm afraid from those programs that have a problem about pending withdrawals, no replay from support ticket and many more. This is the email;



Yesterday some members in Mega Money Hybrid (hackers as it looks like) managed to obtain many Hybrid Units while they didn't made deposits. We now have reason to believe what happened in FCM (the high profit unit earnings) maybe been done by the same people. We have closed the MMH site too now so we can investigate this and minimize damage.

Till further notice these 2 sites will stay under maintenance. We have a lot of security (really a lot) so we need to find out what happened exactly. I think these are professional hackers who move from program to program in groups because I have heard from other admins things like this happened to their sites too.

We're on it as usual but it's hard for me to say how long this will take. If these hackers really found a way to even crack our security we need to do major upgrades on that. Even if it turns out to be a bug we will still upgrade security. We never take risks with things like this.

I will keep you posted on our progress.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

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