Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malaysian-inc is Paying: received my 100% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program today

Malaysian-inc is my small investment of new HYIP this 2013. My investment plan BASIC from this program finished for 15 business days today and deposit another amount of $39.39 with 100% compounding (20 days). I got my 100% investment today for receiving $47 for my 24th payment withdrawal (real payment proof in my facebook page). My status of my income in this program:

(9)- MALAYSIAN-INC (PAYING) – compounding 100%
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $88.09 in profit

This is what they called force getting investment after the 1st deposit. I got paid today 2x from this program with exact time 1 minute 33 seconds & 1 minute 23 seconds. The other programs that I got paid today are stravia, ifg-trading (problem status), ad-solid(instant), felmina (problem status), proforexunion, unitedpaycheck, sol-r (instant), and megamoneyhybrid (2x). I received an update news today from megamoneyhybrid about the problem issue during launch:

Mega Money Hybrid MORE UPDATES... (very important!!!)

Hi Cecilio,

Sorry for the many updates but I think it's better to receive a lot of emails and know what's going on than not knowing what's going on.

Ok, we had a great launch and many earned a lot but it seems there are a few bugs in the system. We found them with the help of members and are fixing them now.


We fixed this bug already but for members who have been victim of this bug we have to manually credit their account. From now on when you cancel a withdrawal it's credited back to your account like supposed.


As it seems the system has not credited level 2 commissions. We're still checking if this happened to all members or just a few. This bug will be eliminated very soon and commissions will be credited automatically if they have not been added yet.


This was a sneaky bug we didn't notice during tests before the launch. What happened is for some spots that cycled out by own fills (the 10% that's added to your own spot) or by 10% sponsor direct fill (when your referrals buy positions) the earnings were not added to cash balance and repurchase balance. It only happened when a spot cycled out by own fills or sponsor fills. Very dirty bug that have been eliminated already but we have to credit those who have been victim of this bugs (we found about 60 so that's not too many luckily).

These are the ones we have now and working on. If you find others please let us know. We depend on you alarming us when you notice something because we can't see everything. We tested this a lot but as always after the launch the sneaky bugs that have been hiding before show up. We will crush them all. Don't worry.


Withdrawals will be processed after we have fixed the bugs and credited all accounts properly. We need to make sure all is correct before we send out a single penny. This is very important. It's possible your withdrawal will be paid after the 48 hours we have set for this but that's only for this time because we need to make sure all is correct. Shouldn't take long. I think we'll manage to process within the 48 hours but just to let you know it's possible it will take a bit longer (better safe than sorry).

I will keep it short like this and say congrats to all who have earned. From reading the forums I can see some cashed in big time and we just started. MMH has the potential to grow very big because it's so easy to earn with this. Get your family and friends in asap. Don't let them miss out on this. 

Ok, I'll get to the manual work now. If there's more news I'll send an update again (please read them all because it's important you stay updated). Thanks. 

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

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