Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ifg-trading turned to problem status

There are many scam tricks in playing HYIP Industry, the no.1 problem is paying selectively from both monitoring sites to members. If monitoring sites paying from the program the status is paying and they don't care about the money from investors. The main target of HYIP admins are those high investors so that they can hide the cash flow problem issue. This program remains paying from small investors while high investors crying because not paid from there withdrawal requested.

While looking for new HYIP, I visit all monitoring sites about the problem issues from my HYIP Portfolio. Today, ifg-trading turned to problem status because of high investors. Some high investors not paid from there withdrawal requested while other blocked accounts.  I remember my support ticket last month about my referral commission that not received in my account but no response from admin. It's the same issue from other high investors that sent support ticket but no response about there withdrawal pending. They keep sending emails to admin but the result will be blocked accounts. Most monitoring sites don't care about bad comments from members and still they put in paying status so that they could get referral commission from newbie's in HYIP industry. Beware for those fake monitoring sites.....

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