Monday, November 11, 2013

Profistar turned to problem status


I received payments from both programs eurasianasset (PM), and browsgroup (PM). Ambershares is another short term HYIP that you could play hit and run. Most of these programs have short life and very risky. You may play 1-3 days plan and withdraw all your profit or else your investment will lose. There are some errors that happened from the program deltatraders about the earnings, said update from admin. November 11, celebrating Veterans Day from United States which means no dividends, admin said.


09.11.2013 23:49:58 in the customer service representative was created ticket as follows:
Dear investors, in connection with updating the kernel accounting, accrual for 8/11/2013 got is not correct. This will be fixed soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Service


Veterans Day in the United States

Dear Cecilio,

Monday, November 11, the United States celebrates Veterans Day. Based on our Terms of Services, on November 11, the Pure Income stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.

Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of Pure Income


Profistar turned to problem status. I quit this program few days ago then won small amount of money. The last payment of this program since November 09 then admin stopped paying from members. My income status:

Investment: $19
ROI (Return of Investment): $24.42 in profit

I got paid today from keystoneloansdivision (egopay), and eurasianasset (PM). Dailyshare is my new program that paying 1% profit daily for 180 calendar days (principal returned). I'm confused if a free member can earn free $5 bonus after 100 websites surfed. I surf 50 websites today then another 50 websites tomorrow. We will know if I will get $5 bonus from this program tomorrow if I surf total of 100 websites. This is how program works:

This is the latest update news from the program called deltatraders:


11.11.2013 16:32:06 in the customer service representative was created ticket as follows:

Charge for the 11/08/2013 finished the preliminary work on the implementation of the new accounting software. Charge for the 11/08/2013 charged. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

Customer Service Company
Delta Traders

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