Monday, November 11, 2013

Cryptory: my 1st new HYIP this month of November 2013

About The Company

CRYPTORY ® is a registered trademark
of Dublin Cryptorium Limited in Ireland
and (or) other states. All rights reserved.


The company is engaged in designing chips specialized for performance emission of Bitcoin currency. We are experts in the design, deployment and management of a wide range of IT solutions. Our supplier is the largest chip maker, Infineon Technologies. Cryptory System offers our customers the ability to profitably dispose of their capital without the risks and high initial costs. With its unique combination of automation and service, we have thousands of customers worldwide.

Bitcoin, a virtual currency that shares the same name as the P2P network, has been around for more than four years and has become one of the most popular currencies in its style. It also still remains unknown by large investors, as only certain users are engaged in currency issues. Although we have managed to solve these problems, our analysts explains that there are four basic reasons behind the absence of interest from the larger players. These reasons are; prognostic complexity, the influence of issues on the course, low profitability, and psychological barriers.

1. Prediction is complex. There are considerable long-term changes that make Bitcoin’s operations risky. The classical method of projecting diagrams does not yield results. However, after combining several modern systems of prediction, including Boxing Jenkins, HTM neuronet modeling and qualitative analysis of the market, we came to the conclusion that Bitcoin’s course will remain rather stable in the near future.

2. A considerable issue that can lead a Bitcoin player to the loss of value is that it is difficult to guarantee the exchange rate. An increase in the virtual monetary mass could lead to a decrease in the exchange rate. This problem could become serious in the following conditions:
a) the rate of bitcoin gets close to the limit.
b) Dublin Cryptorium Limited becomes the single seller of Bitcoins.
Our business strategy, is to let users of our service implement emitted Bitcoins. All risks that are connected to the influence of the market, are then reduced to zero.

3. Low profitability when taking expenditures into account. This problem is the main innovation of Dublin Cryptorium Limited. We have managed to develop and bring the multi-core processors to implementation. Many of these have been ground especially for mining and have allowed a reduction of price of computational capabilities.

4. One of the psychological barriers is that the larger players feel production should be an integral part of the project. They have become accustomed to the industrial model of investments. We clearly understand that cryptocurrency is the phenomenon of the postindustrial world.

Investment Plans: 0.1%-0.3% daily, principal return at anytime

Min Deposit: $50

Referral Commission: 20%-30% of profit

Payment method: instant

Accepted Payment Processors: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, BankWire, OkPay

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