Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stableround is Scam


Stableround turned to scam. I came back in HYIP last month but who knows I'm a victim of three (3) fast scams even they are all back to normal after LR (liberty reserve) shutdown. I started all of my programs with small investments for secured money so that it will not happened again. I lost $80.02 from this program for my 3rd scam HYIP in my list. My status:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $19.98
LOST - $80.02

I got paid from stardc (2x-PM & egopay), theadsbazaar (STP), and westernfinancialarena (PM). Old players said that if you want to be succesful in online business, need to diversify your money in all payment processors. Those who used only LR (liberty reserve) processor investors are most gone in the business because they used it as single payment processor from all programs they making money. Diversify is the best strategy to stay for a long years in online business. I received an update news today from the program called theadsbazaar:

4 days to go..

Dear Members,

I am a little busy getting everything organised for our big day but I insist on sending out a reminder every day till we launch. Before I continue, I would first like to apologise for no reminder and no payouts yesterday. The site was offline for a while when I normally do them, so the payouts were sent earlier today as soon I could get a few minutes to breath.

We are down to only 4 full days!! Are you feeling the rush? Act NOW and you'll be a winner for a long while:

- Spread the word and get as many people as you can to join us.

- Purchase a Founder Package if you don't have one, the perks are too good to pass up!

- Get Active Posting and Sharing regardless of whether you have active contracts or not.

- Join me (opulentfunds), Flavia (roseofsavanah) or Capoon (drcapoon) and our other friends on skype whenever you can and join in the fun in our Skype room!

Thanks to those of you who have suggested Categories for the weekend fun, we absolutely love you for your active participation:

indexa- wallmart photos/Autumn
mordk - superheroes
zoilo - Celebs embarrassing moments caught on camera
laurasmoney and chiron - nature's beauty

How shy are the rest of you? lol Let's have more of you posting suggestions please. We still have a few hours to go, let's have a few more please! Post your suggestion (or agree with any one the ones posted) on any 2 out of 3 of:

Or pop into our skype room: skype:?chat&blob=voyoGt_ZmMONEAWkzHHz6X3t_i-ad-QpNAB7Aj7LO3BnjBDA7O1UTG5vlu2QzVF5_GaQfa25jjH6WltdB8yvFAa0S9gs-cS_rcutA-SsoDnqb-iSzj-4DH9_L3RQHEMSLnVSw5iUQ95_GfJkYqAxafaIN_iD9LAtPXWK2e4hxi_DC9q_BrP6exLHqWGGDs5JSYEOhIquPaY7Y4dlwoTUIYw

Have a wonderful day!

The Ads Bazaar Management


I got paid today from stardc (PM), and westernfinancialarena (PM). I received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from the program called stardc for small investment. Egopay processor is added as another payment processor last few days ago. This is my latest income status from this program:

Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $46.68

Members still waiting for news about withdrawals from the program called uinvest. Is it gone? I will officially put this program as scam if it will not back to normal. As of now, I'm using both payment processors egopay and perfect money but lack of funds because some of my customers are sold.

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