Monday, September 9, 2013

Fidelisfinance and planetofprofits are added in my list


I received payments from both programs stardc (PM), and westernfinancialarena (PM). I added a new program called planetofprofits with term plans. I spent only $12 from this program while waiting some funds because most of my payment processors are lack of funds. This program is already 5 days old then deposited two (2) days plan.

These are the information's about the program:

One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest in Planet Of Profits is the prospect of not having to work your entire life! Bottom line, there are only two ways to make money: by working hard and/or by having your assets work for you. Our focus is on delivering strong, risk adjusted returns to our members over the short term.

If you keep your money in your back pocket instead of investing it, your money doesn't work for you and you will never have more money than what you save. By investing your money in Planetofprofits , you are getting your money to generate more money by earning interest in our investment plans.
We invest your money in several investments fields such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures, precious metals, real estate, our objective is : to make investments that will generate more cash for you in the future. As they say, "The best things in life are free, but the second best things are very expensive." 

Whether your goal is to send your kids to college or to retire on a yacht in the Mediterranean, investing in PlanetOfProfits is essential to getting you where you want to be.

New update today from the program called theadsbazaar:


Not long now..

Dear Members,

The Weekend has started on a really beautiful note. The pictures everyone is posting are just so pretty and a real joy to behold. We really can't thank you enough for rising to the occasion and making each weekend more pleasant than the last.

We are now down to the last few days now, folks. With all of us working as a team there is nothing stopping TAB becoming the most powerful advertising program online. You know the drill!

- Spread the word and get as many people as you can to join us.

- Purchase a Founder Package if you don't have one, the perks are too good to pass up!

- Get Posting and Sharing regardless of whether you have active Contracts or not.

- Join me (opulentfunds), Flavia (roseofsavanah) or Capoon (drcapoon) and our other friends on skype whenever you can and join in the fun in our Skype room!

Back to the weekend fun - Get voting today for yesterday's posts and for today's posts tomorrow server time. Just vote for the username and title of the post that you like in any 2 of the following 3 places:
Or pop into our skype room: skype:?chat&blob=voyoGt_ ZmMONEAWkzHHz6X3t_i-ad-QpNAB7Aj7LO3BnjBDA7O1UTG5vlu2QzVF5_GaQfa25jjH6WltdB8yvFAa0S9gs-cS_rcutA-SsoDnqb-iSzj-4DH9_L3RQHEMSLnVSw5iUQ95_GfJkYqAxafaIN_iD9LAtPXWK2e4hxi_DC9q_BrP6exLHqWGGDs5JSYEOhIquPaY7Y4dlwoTUIYw

I have decided to give both the winner and their upline the reward this time. So each will win $25. If the first winner doesn't have an upline the $25 will be added to the prize money for Sunday, so on Sunday the winner and their upline will each have $37.50.

Please encourage your downlines to participate, I don't want to have to think of what to do with the extra $37.50! lol All winners will be announced on Tuesday. As always, do remember that this is just pure random fun, it's not about winning. What's really important is for more of you to come on board and make our weekends really special!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Ads Bazaar Management


I got paid today from stardc (PM), and ) westernfinancialarena (PM). Fidelisfinance is another program added in my list that giving 4% daily for 50 days. This program is paying for one (1) month already but since IHYIPS monitoring invested $2000 in this program few days ago, I'll try for $20 investment from this program.


Fidelis Finance Limited is a company that supports new entrepreneurs by providing short-to-medium term loans to start-up companies in need of money to put their product or service in the market.

Basically, we receive applications from clients with a detailed business plan and study them for a certain period that ranges between 4 and 6 months and give them a loan of the requested amount. The rates are negotiated individually with each entrepreneur and they can be either fixed or not, depending on the amount negotiated and the strength of the client's businesses plan and structure.

By opening Fidelis Finance to the general public, we will have access to a wider amount of funds that can be loaned to our clients and therefore expand our business outside the UK. We are providing our services online not only to investors but also to entrepreneurs in need of a loan. If you need funds for an upcoming short business, you can also request it online and we will study your application following the same procedures we use for our offline clients.

Started: 13 Aug, 2013

Investment Plans:

Double money in 50 days!
Rate: 4% daily
Investment: $5 - $20000
Total return: 200%


Domain FIDELISFINANCE.COM [ Site Info Traceroute RBL/DNSBL lookup ]
Registrar ENOM, INC.
Registrar URL
Whois server
Created 09-Jul-2013
Updated 03-Aug-2013
Expires 09-Jul-2016
Time Left 1060 days 14 hours 47 minutes

Status clientTransferProhibited

- Accepts: Perfect Money / Solid Trust Pay / Ego Pay.

- Refferal Commision: 2 level - 8% - 2%

- Hosting: Staminus Communications


- Unique Design.

- Manual and Fast Withdrawal.

- Licenced Hyip Craft Script

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