Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jubyadshare is Scam


Jubyadshare turned to scam. This is one of the successful profit sharing program that paying for more than weeks. I earned some few dollars because of being an early birds investors. When income became decreased, members started to file dispute then payza account of admin frozen. After that, withdrawals went to pending because of many members dispute through payza processor. Then admin started to create a new program called jubyadbank for deleting the processor called payza. Tomorrow will be the launch of this new program of admin. If you want to play then take the risk. Suddenly, I won $73.40 from this program for small investment. This is my income report:

Investment: $169
ROI (Return of Investment): $242.40 in profit
WON - $73.40

These are the following programs that I received payments: stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), altcoins-investment (instant-PM), and imperial-investment (PM). Today, I added new program called stableround with an investment of $100 to take the risk. I could not resist this program because most monitoring sites joined and invested already in this program with full support. It stated in the update news came from the website that STP (solid trust pay) processor will be available soon. Then, hope will stay for more than a month. The news came from the program:


Dear Investor,

Our program will be accept PM, EGO, STP, OKPAY and HD-Money. STP is still be working hard by our IT group now, soon will be done. Enjoy your investment!

Aug-28-2013 08:00:00 AM


I got paid today from stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), and altcoins-investment(instant-PM). Today is the launch of jubyadshare admin before and the new program called jubyadbank. I'm late for few hours then decided to skip this program. Those who invested within the 1st hour of launch will win again if admin still honest for this new program. Altcoins-investment added a new Russian language then decided to fix worldcoin and bitcoin plans. This is came from update news that I received in my email today:


Dear Investors!

Global changes in marketing and the Russian version is added!
Because of many our investors requests about marketing changes it was decided to fix WorldCoin and Bitcoin plans. Also Russian version of website added. Many other languages will be added soon. You can see all changes on our Altcoins Investment Group Website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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