Friday, August 30, 2013

Imperial-investment turned to problem status

I got paid today from stardc (PM), westernfinancialarena (PM), altcoins-investment(instant-PM), and stableround (instant-PM).This month I selected five (5) HYIP for my programs list but there is one turned to problem status called imperial-investment. This is one of the good investment long term plan with two (2) months paying already but admin is greedy and I got no luck that selected this before it going to scam. The rest are new programs with less than few weeks paying. Admediaprofit is one of the biggest profit sharing scam this month of August and most investors lost because of too much trust from admin. As I read some other members, 99% of online business are scams but there are times that if you got lucky with the program that paying for more than a year you may earn. Why do admins offering refunds but the truth they can't. These are all games that if you want to play, accept if you lose. Theadsbazaar admin sent news update today regarding about the program. I'm almost 50% in profit but still hope it will stay for more months. This is the email I got from admin:


Dear Members,

I am really glad to be sending out this update today. As always, I want to first extend a very warm welcome to all our new members. We are excited to have you all on board especially at this exciting time as we approach our Launch!

Please accept our hearty apologies for this but we will not be launching on the 1st of September. It is beyond our control. We have just finished some offline testing and there was the odd bug here and there which needed fixing. So, after a rather lengthy meeting earlier today, we decided to postpone for a week to ensure we have a smooth launch. The Launch is now Scheduled for 11th September, 2013. This however will mean that all the pre-launch goodies will continue until then. So enjoy them while you can!

Here are the important changes that will be effective on Launch:

1. There will be no more Founder Packages.

2. There will be an Associate Monthly Fee of $4.95 a month.
All Founders have the fee waived for 6 months.
An exception will also be made for members who have active contracts which have a value of $50 or less.

3. The minimum for purchasing a Basic Contract will be $50.

We will reveal the precise specifics of The Bazaar before we Launch. We pledged to give you a unique advertising program. Take time to understand our vision and we will work with you to build a long term advertising platform that will build an exciting income for you.

Our time is NOW!

The Ads Bazaar Management

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