Thursday, August 8, 2013

Clickadprofits turned to problem status


Clickadprofits turned to problem status. I expected this program for no problem for a month but income collapse. This will be the bad for profit sharing programs if they turned to small profits. Investors will doing 100% withdrawals if they see problems in a program. Payza withdrawals pending over 48 hours that unexpected to happened. Never put fresh money in this program because you will lose. 

Aetheradvance admin sent news update about issuing partial refunds for those members that not in profit. I do not like this type of admin because of wasting time promoting the program, money, time, and effort. Even admin will refund full investments but you will also lost receiving fee and sending fee from processors and program. Never trust yodaman of MMG again if created a new program. I got also an update regarding the program theadsbazaar:

Money Update - A Little Early

Hello everyone.

This is an email update for those specifically who are at a significant loss on their advertising package purchases.

We will be issuing partial refunds to those members, based on total deposited versus total withdrawn, amount of time in Aether Advance, and amount of time that you had spent 100% compounding will also be taken into consideration.

Instructions to request your partial refund are as follows:

Send an email to in a format such as

Aether Advance Username: (your username here)
Total Amount Deposited: $
Total Amount Withdrawn: $
Registration Date:
SolidTrustPay ID or EgoPay Email Address:

Please only include the Payment Processor ID/Email Address you used to deposit with. We will be double checking the deposit/withdrawn amounts that you include in your email, so refrain from adjusting your numbers from what they actually are.

All of the information we request to process a refund can be found in your member's back office, either on the main back office page, or under the Stats tab.

The last run of earnings on advertising packages has been credited just a moment ago. We will begin processing requested refunds within the next 24 hours.

Please send your request as soon as possible.

Another email will be sent out in the following days.

- Aether Advance Management

Weekend Winners!


We had another really fun weekend!

Our winners were alzander and fortab for Saturday and Sunday respectively. This is how they were decided upon, all members who posted on the threads were listed then we had a simple computation:

The winners were chosen on 4/08/13 = 4+8+1+3 = 16+8 (members who followed the rules) = 10 That was reduced to 1+0 = 1 - Alzander was first on the list.

The same was done which produced a different number 5/08/13 = 13+4+9 members that followed the rules = 26. 2+6 = 8. Fortab was the 8th member listed for Sunday postings.

Congratulations to you both and thank you to all members that particpated, you are truly appreciated. Let's see more members having fun next weekend please!

TAB opened doors almost a month ago and we trust that everyone of you who have been with us since we started and those of you are coming in have grasped exactly where we are going with the simple yet powerful concept. Check out this post on our skype room :

[7:38:44 AM] laurasmoney: Hi
[7:35:20 PM] laurasmoney: Hi Tabbies.. hehehe… cute. Ok.. check this out.. I just received this email from Pinterest.. Think about the implications…

Hi, Laura!
7 people repinned your pin Albino lion.. wow! and 1 person liked it 7 repins · 1 like

Lisa VE repinned onto Cats and Friends
Lesli-Anne repinned onto Nature.....
marcia repinned onto OH!
Sandra Bradford repinned onto Fur Babies!
Nik repinned onto beautiful creatures
Laura repinned onto animals<3
Beth repinned onto Cool pics
Sargam liked
4 people started following you
[7:35:26 PM] laurasmoney: Wow!

Thank you lauras money. Nothing pleases us more than knowing there are members that understand what TAB is all about and how we can all build a real advertising company and eventually you will be all getting the viral advertising you wish for. The secret is to share what you like on TAB to outside networks. Even if you resolve to do just one a day, do it. It will take you less than 30 seconds and it will benefit you big time in the future!

Let's get back to business and have fun building TAB!

The Ads Bazaar Management


Admediaprofit became the #1 profit sharing programs among all active for today because of crazy earnings. Its almost a month but the income still the same with no problem. The only problem here is payza withdrawals because some paid for 3-4 days. I got paid today from this program and almost in profit. I requested withdrawal today for receiving my full investment if admin will process. You can also request withdrawals 2x a week unlike others that no limit. This is my income status of this program:

Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $108.33

Centurionprofits is a long term HYIP that have the same script of passed program called hurricaneassets. Very popular from HYIP players because of perfect design, script and security but after 2 months the program turned to scam. Investors received only 60-85% for those don't have referrals if they using full withdrawals. The only processors can use in this program are solidtrustpay and egopay that's why I'll passed and find another new programs. Good luck for those investors from this program.

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