Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clickadprofits is Paying: received my 100% ROI (Return of Investment) today


I got paid from jubyadshare (2x-PM & payza), and clickadprofits (payza). Both two (2) profit sharing programs are hot among all old and new. Every day or week, there is new profit sharing programs. Silent admins are dangerous if they are not active in forum. The new promising profit sharing program is called revenuetimes but still observing investors if this will be the next successful program. Jubyadshare admin sent news update about the problem of the program. As long as there is a communication of admin from forum, I still trust the program.



Hello friends and partners,

Thank you for your support.

Please, be informed that is it normal after server migration and DNS change to have some areas not being able to login due to the time taken for full propagation around the globe. Usually it may take around 24-48 hours in some cases.

So, if you cannot access the site for now, just try again later. It will surely work. There is no problem.

See you soon.


Admin Juby

Dear Members,

Because of people who are not yet able to login due to time lag in DNS propagation around the globe, we have just temporarily disabled the surf requirement for all members effective from now till end of today server time. So, members are not required to surf to earn just for today.

We will enable the surf requirement again by morning server time.

Also, you may notice variable profits but not more than 1%. This is normal as we share profits with members. There is no need to panic as we are here to stay.

We shall be bringing you further updates on some features we are working on now.

Thanks and Regards,

Admin Juby


Our system has alerted us about attempts by some people to compromise our Payza script, trying to load funds that are not real.

We have suspended the accounts responsible and also notified payment processors.

We shall process all Payza payments manually to check for any fraud.

Thank you,



I got my 100% investment today from the program clickadprofits even invested 3 days old paying. This is my 2nd recommended profit sharing program for today because of being familiar admin. This is my income status:

Investment: $122.83
ROI (Return of Investment): $127.74 in profit

I received payments from the following programs today: jubyadshare (STP), clickadprofits (payza), malaysian-inc (STP-56 seconds), aetheradvance (egopay) and adcashblast (egopay-problem). Adcashblast turned to problem status. Everyday earning stop from purchase ad packs. Members started to file dispute from this program because of the problem that never fixed. I invested some few bucks of dollars from this program and lose if this will be the end. You can started to file dispute from this program before its too late. Jubyadshare fixed the problem but the income decreases and lowered the limit withdrawal. This is one of the best successful programs among others. These are the full updates of admin about this program:

Hello friends,

Thank you for all your support. We have come from the various challenges we faced to gradually take a stand to face the future of this business. Please, for now, be updated as follows:

1. Surfing is now enabled, which means Non-Click members must surf to earn. Try refresh the page if surfing freezes.

2. Earnings are connected to site performance, but pegged at a maximum of 1% per sharing time of 20mins; and if reserve is less than 0.1%, the system does not share and adds to the next sharing time. The purchases stats as shown also mean the quantity of Adpacks in the system is increasing, and profit shares may dwindle if sales reduce.

3. We shall soon communicate a daily withdrawal limit to help ease the system's continuous processing.

4. Future plans include: Increase in banner prices, redesigning of site for advertisement, optimization of script for better performance, and review of daily sharing formula with the revenue pool displayed to members.

Please, keep up the good work of supporting us. We hope to see sales increase after the weekend.

Thanks and Regards,

Admin Juby

Hello friends,

To help check fraudsters and guard against hurting the program so bad, we have set a limit of $200 per withdrawal transaction. You may withdraw more afterwards.

Payza withdrawals will continue to be manual for now.

Expect more update and features shortly.


Admin Juby

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