Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Neomutual is Scam


Neomutual turned to scam. When LR shutdown, I stopped building HYIP programs in my list because of lost money especially in my LR account balance because I'm one of an exchanger. I forgot being updated from most new HYIP launched. If this program paying even LR is already gone, I won in the game. This program is scammed since July 24, 2013 by selecting payments from members. At first, STP withdrawals went to pending then all payment processors. I lost $91.30 from this program because of LR shutdown. My income status:

Investment: $200
ROI (Return of Investment): $108.70
LOST - $91.30

I got paid from malaysian-inc (PM-37 seconds). Adprojectx having a re-launch from this program. If your one of an investors, I would stay away and never put any new fresh money from this program. Jubyadshare implementing restart from this program. If your already won from this program, never put more fresh money and keep re-purchasing or building your account. This is stated from the update news from this program, here is the information:


Hello Members,

Please you will not be able to cashout for now until we complete some updates we are working on right now.

Pending cashouts were also cancelled to completely track double payment.

You may take a look at our back office to see how we share profits:




Admin Juby

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