Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goldalliancefund is Scam

Goldalliancefund turned to scam. This program makes me sick. I have three (3) days lost to get my 100% investment of $125. After LR (liberty reserve) closed, many of my HYIP turned to scam even some are honest admins. I expected all of those programs because LR is the main payment processor in HYIP Industry. Admin of this program started paying selectively when LR is already closed and after DDOS attacked. You are one of the lucky members if still got paid from this program. I lost $12.84 from this program. This is my income status:

Investment: $125
ROI (Return of Investment): $112.16
LOST - $12.84

I got paid today from adhitprofits (4x-STP), and aetheradvance (egopay). There are many complains from the program called revsharethis. If you check all banners, I deleted them all because most members not satisfied from this program. I will hold my money from this program. Adhitprofits became popular from HYIP players because of crazy interest receiving daily. This is the latest daily percentage profits from the last ten (10) days:

Some people still afraid from this program of giving high risk interest. My big investor from this program is also in profit because he/she is already member for a month. One of my friend invested a lot of money from this program. The total earned from his/her account is already reached $101,000+ for 1700 active shares. This is the copy of print preview of his/her account:

My latest payment proof from the program called aetheradvance:

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