Friday, June 21, 2013

Profit Sharing / Revenue Sharing - popular making money online this 2013


I got paid from adhitprofits (STP). When this program became popular, many profit sharing/revenue sharing launched. These programs are revsharethis, adprofitclub and utsprofitads. I missed those programs during launched because lack of funds. I have many customers and all my funds are sold. If you invested in day 1 with those programs, the possibility of getting investment around 50-90% if honest admin. I will passed those program and wait for new revenue sharing programs.


Most of my programs are turned to scam especially HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs). I observed within this month that there are many profit sharing / revenue sharing program launched. Early investors are always winners. Those investors who joined early in the program called utsprofitads are already in profit and I missed it. The income from revsharethis is slow while utsprofitads are fast as profit within one (1) day. As for now, I read some comments from those members that have problems from both programs. I got paid today from adhitprofits (STP).


I got paid today from adhitprofits (2x-STP). There is a new profit sharing/revenue sharing launch called adzibiz, I jump in this program. I invested few hours ago and got already some few bucks in my account. Time is money as what I said in my old blog. This program launch today and clone/copycat of the program called adhitprofits. I purchased seven (7) ad shares from this program.

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