Friday, April 12, 2013

Optiearn is Scam

These are the following programs that I got paid today: briscofund (3x), malaysian-inc (30 seconds), felmina (2x-problem status), secureassets, earningalliance, eaglesinvestment, sol-r (instant), and financa.

Optiearn turned to scam. Most HYIP investors looking for high interest with more than 3% daily but 99% of these programs are fast scams. Some of my visitors asking for 1 day plan but I usually don't play games with that kind of HYIP. Those greedy investors like the short term plan because the ROI (Return of Investment) is easy to get in less than a month. If your a professional HYIP player, you will choose less than 1% - 2% daily because most of these programs are real. In the other side, HYIP are all ponzi and not sustainable. I lost $29.54 from this program with less than one (1) month paying. This is my income status:

Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $110.46
LOST - $29.54

My total income reports for today:



(1)- UNITEDPAYCHECK (PAYING) - compounding 100%
Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $15.84
Investment: $150
ROI (Return of Investment): $61.75
Investment: $150
ROI (Return of Investment): $75.85
Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $52.95
Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $27.07
Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $347.48 in profit
Investment: $85
ROI (Return of Investment): $122.61 in profit
Investment: $144
ROI (Return of Investment): $130.64
(10)- SOL-R (PAYING)
Investment: $175
ROI (Return of Investment): $366.35 in profit
Investment: $1000
ROI (Return of Investment): $398.41
Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $66.45
Investment: $120 
ROI (Return of Investment): $279.55 in profit
Investment: $300 
ROI (Return of Investment): $1035.60 in profit
Investment: $200 
ROI (Return of Investment): $664.13 in profit
Investment: $149
ROI (Return of Investment): $278.88 in profit

There is a new update news from megamoneyhybrid admin today, email that I received;

MMH AND FCM UPDATE (very important!!!)

I have been waiting to send out a new update till I had the right information so I can inform you better.

The coding work in MMH is finally done now. Our programmer worked very hard to get this done as fast as possible (even with his wife in the hospital for 2 days). I thank him for his dedication to help get MMH up and running again. 

Today we started checking the actual damage from the fake units. As it seems there are “only” 3 accounts with fake units but in total those 3 accounts added about 800 fake units. I think you can imagine these 800 fake units have a big impact on financial stats because many cycler spots cycled out because of these fake units. Then some of those members who cycled out bought more units with money they shouldn't have and that made other spots cycle out. You can follow this up a few levels (every time someone cycles out and buys new units). Next to that when those members bought new units (with money they shouldn't have since they cycled out because of those false units) their sponsors got referral commissions plus the 10% direct fills in their cycler spots so that's also not correct.
If that's not complicated enough we also can't follow when exactly cycler spots have been added and when exactly they cycled out because in the database there is only a date stamp (not time) so we can only see a spot have been added a certain date and a spot cycled out a certain date but we don't know which spot cycled out after which spot. We need this information to determine which spots cycled out from the fake units that have been added. 

All units and cycler spots have a number (id) so I can see a bit from the number in which order the cycler spots have been added but I don't know which spots cycled out from that. If we would have a time stamp in the database (next to date stamp) I could see what time a cycler spot was added and what time a cycler spot cycled out so we could determine which spot made which spot cycle out so then we could work directly on those spots and the members accounts associated with that.

We're trying to find a way to make the corrections as fast as possible but from what I see even if we had the timestamp it's a lot of work so without that it's a whole lot more work. It's very hard to say how long this will take. Like I said I have the lists. It seems “luckily” there are “only” 2 days the fake units have been added and “only” in 3 accounts because we found out fast but in total there still have been 800 false units added to the system and since MMH has quite a lot of members the impact is big. Members are active so naturally when they received an email saying they cycled out (from the false units) they rushed to the site and bought more units to maximize earnings so that makes it like a web with lines all over the place and we have to trace them all to make the corrections.

From talking to people I hear quite a few programs had the same thing happen with the false units. Many people didn't believe them at that time but now this happened to us too I can see how this can totally destruct a program. Just recently another admin from a program using the same script contacted me to inform me the same thing happened in his program. We have upgraded the coding so it can't happen anymore (that's 100% for sure our programmer says) but I think every admin should be very careful with the script they use if it's a commercial script (one that everyone can buy) because many have security holes and hackers know this so they check which script programs are using and get in through the security holes they know. They can do that with every program using that script. Our programmer told me he can get in every program using this script after he studied the coding. That's how he have been able to upgrade coding to make it 100% impossible for hackers to do anything but that's in our program now. There are many programs using this script so I just want admins (if they're using a commercial script and read this) to check their script for holes because hackers are getting more advanced and many commercial scripts are not 100% secure.

We will get MMH up and running as soon as possible. After that we will work on FCM. I know it's difficult to stay positive with both MMH and FCM down but keep in mind we have been online for years. We have been able to find solutions to a lot of big problems so we're on this. At the moment there are many big programs either gone or having problems so MMH and FCM up and running again is very important of course.

I think most members know there is a forum thread about MMH where questions are being answered so check that too next to updates in your mail box.

Let us do this. Thanks.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid

Investors have nothing to do from this program just wait what will happen for the next few days. Tomorrow, the next scam report is investifield which admin doing selective payment. I'm one of the victim that stop paying through LR processors but some members still receiving instant payment. Few days ago, I applied as a representative from the program called earningalliance and approved by admin. I advise everyone for those invested more than $100 from every program to apply as a representative so that if admin doing selective payments you are not affected. Most target are members that they will stop paying until monitoring sites and representatives still receiving payments. This is one of the scam tactics made by most HYIP admins.

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