Thursday, April 11, 2013

Axiominvestment is Scam

Axiominvestment turned to scam. This program is honest admin but unfortunately we don't expect the program will be the end due to there money from processors hacked. Programmers knows when starting a online business program you need a powerful and expensive security like KODDOS and DRAGONARA. But the best thing to do is hire professional programmers so that your online business will stay for a year if your an honest admin. Admin says they will close the program as stated in there last update news because of hacked accounts from payment processors. This is one of my favorite HYIP but they have a poor programmers that's why the program is already scam. I lost $22.80 from this program for my investment of $143. This is my income status:

Investment: $143
ROI (Return of Investment): $120.20
LOST - $22.80

I'm curious about the program called briscofund why global moderator of MMG invested a lot here so I invested last few weeks for $300 to test the program. Some members said this will be the next profitablesunrise, who knows? As stated in plan details the real period expire for 150 days and not 250 days when someone sent support ticket about this issue. This is the computation of getting your investment from this program:

Computation of getting my ROI (Return of Investment) from briscofund

Investment Plan: LEVEL 1

Daily Rate: 1.60 % daily
Amount: $10 - $500
Days: 150 business days
Compounding: available
Principle Return: after expire

$300 x 1.60% (0.016) = $4.80 per day x 150 days = $720 returned - (Saturday and Sunday) + $300 deposit = $1020

$300 / $4.80 per day = 62.50 days ROI (Return of Investment) equivalent to 63 days 

$4.80 per day x 63 days = $302.40 in profit

My status of this program:

Investment: $300
ROI (Return of Investment): $41.35

I got paid today from briscofund, malaysian-inc (37 seconds), eaglesinvestment (instant), earningalliance, sol-r (instant), and financa. Beware of the program called investifield, I have two (2) pending withdrawals for over 24 hours. Both optiearn and investifield will turn to scam because of pending withdrawals and sent short term investment plan that have the same scam tactics. They are already in my problem status. I think this will be the last update news from both programs:

OptiEarn Important Users Notice


About 40 individuals have reported their accounts were broken into and their requested withdrawals were sent to a different account. This is unacceptable and we are instituting a very simple procedure to ensure no ones withdrawal is sent to the wrong account. Very simply put, we are sending this email out to the original account email addresses to make sure only the real owner of the account receives the withdrawal request.

Please use the link below to prove your ownership of your OptiEarn account. You will just need to send a penny from your actual account, so we know it is you. It is automatic and that penny will be credited to your OptiEarn account panel. This will ensure your withdrawal requests are always processed to your account only.

Click here for your OptiEarn account verification. It will direct you directly to our automated verification:

Thank you.

INVESTIFIELD - "30% Daily for 5 Calendar Days" Announced!

Hello Dear Customers,

We have something special for you all, that will only last a limited time from now on. Our traders and employees introduces a special investment plan to thank our customers for the great support and continues business. 

The new investment plan pays 30% daily for 5 calendar days. The minimum investment amount is $500 and maximum $10,000. Please note: your initial investment is already included in the daily return therefor it's not returned seperately at the end of term.

Here are some quick examples on different investment amounts:

A. Investment of $500 will give you $150 daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of $750, whereas $250 is your net profit.

B. Investment of $2,000 will give you  $600 daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of$3000, whereas $1000 is your net profit.

C. Investment of $10,000 will give you $3000  daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of$15000, whereas $5000 is your net profit.

Kindly login to your members area and go to "Make a Deposit" page like you always do and select the desired investment package you wish to invest in.

You may act now to participate in this limited-time opportunity! The new plan will be available only for a few weeks.

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