Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Financa Scam Warning: stay away from this program

Today, I requested withdrawal from the program called financa but returned to my account balance. Some investors from this program receiving this kind of problem but this is an old scam tricks passed for my old HYIP experience. I sent support ticket about this program but still no reply from admin. I will put this program as problem status and highly recommend to stay away unless admin will response about this scam issue. I have bad feelings that both program stravia and financa will scam this month. Cbank is also the other program that popular for over a year in HYIP Industry that turned to problem status.

I got paid today from secureassets, earningalliance, uinvest, eaglesinvestment(instant), sol-r (instant), briscofund and malaysian-inc (2x-41 seconds & 31 seconds). Premium account from profitclicking turned to bucket withdrawal so good luck for those who take the risk. I have $22 today from this program through referral commission in my premium account but always limit reached. This problem happened last few days ago already that stay only for less than a month. Ricanadfunds back to online and you can request 2x a week for $15 a day for 3 days equivalent to $75 for non-verified account. I'm not verified account and requested withdrawal for $45. You can withdraw twice per week at $45 total of $90 per week. Members waiting for processing withdrawals at Friday for 1st pay out.

Scam programs updated:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ad-solid, and

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