Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secureassets is Paying: Tips how to get your investment from this program


These are the following programs that I got paid: eaglesinvestment (instant), sol-r (instant), financa (2x), briscofund, malaysian-inc (56 seconds), and secureassets. Secureassets is very popular HYIP from all monitoring sites because most of them joined and invested. There are over 30 monitoring sites from this program with promising investment plan 2.2%-2.8% for 100 days. This is the computation of getting your investment from this program:

Computation of getting my ROI (Return of Investment) from secureassets

Investment Plan: STARTER PLAN

Daily Rate: 2.2% daily
Amount: $10 - $999
Days: 100 trading days
Compounding: NO
Principle Return: investment maturity date

$140 x 2.2% (0.022) = $3.08 per day x 100 days = $308 returned - (Saturday and Sunday) + $100 deposit = $408

$140 / $3.08 per day = 45.45 days ROI (Return of Investment) equivalent to 46 days

$3.08 per day x 46 days = $141.68

My status of this program:

Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $24.10


I got paid today from earningalliance, eaglesinvestment (instant), felmina (problem status), briscofund, financa and malaysian-inc (28 seconds). One week to go, sol-r will finish the 1st cycle. I checked those joined in my link and 50% of them invested. Congrats some of my referrals invested higher than my deposited amount from this program. For those joined as a free, better luck next time. I decided to add the program called mutualwealth in my HYIP Portfolio even it gives small interest from investors. I hope this will be the next eurextrade (scam) that reached over a year. The very popular HYIP today that giving 1% daily is called rfigrp. I will invest here soon if the program reach over three (3) months.

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