Friday, March 8, 2013

Stalliongold turned to problem status

"Expect the unexpected" that is what I said before in terms of playing HYIP programs. Most HYIP players seeing there income not in the program even they don't know what is happening from other members accounts. Today, stalliongold turned to problem status because of many complains from monitoring sites and forums. The program doing selective payments already specially from high investors that making more than $10 a day. Some members rejected above $10 withdrawal request, others are pending from big investors. This is the message came from admin about the problem issue;

"Sorry, your request cannot be processed at this time. Your account is temporary limited for withdrawals of not more than 10 USD / daily. Amount remaining available for withdrawals this day is: 0 USD . Please contact our Support department if you have any questions regarding this message".

I highly recommend to get all your money in this program as long as paying for small investors. This program started to show obvious signs of cash flow issues. At least such small amounts are still paid instant just like me that making $2.55 per day from this program. This is a clear sign of an impending collapse unless they solve all the problem issues about big investors. I'm not affected from this problem but being a fair investor, I will put this program as problem status. I deleted my banners in my blog already. Don't put any money in this program until the problem is not solve.

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