Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is paying: My account status and payment proofs

When I started in online marketing, I'm doing a research if the program is legit or scam. I will type the word from yahoo or google "(PROGRAM) LEGIT, PAYING OR SCAM" then after that payment proofs from members. That's why I remember the past that the topic must be re searchable from newbie in online marketing. The life of here in online is a full of risk. "No risk no success"- but we all know that there is an end of the program. There is no program that stay for long life except those MLM legit companies. But here in money online, the life depends on the people joining in the program. When no investors the program will DIE or SCAM.

UPC (Unitedpaycheck) is one of a long term term earning business opportunity that I added this program few weeks ago. The program running smoothly and no problem after they upgrading the server. There is a good news from the program that came from conference room, moderators said that STP (solidtrustpay) payment processor will be added by the end of February 2013 (this month). This is my program status and payment proofs for this program:

Anyway, these are the programs that I got paid today: xgolding, felmina, ad-solid, profitablesunrise, ismadsincome, unitedpaycheck, and ifg-trading. I receive also an update news came from sol-r and ifg-trading:


SOL-R Newsletter - MaxiVote

Hi cyclesplushyips,

I trust everyone is doing well and enjoying their payouts. 
I have another update, this time short and sweet.

We have added a MaxiVote link on our site that can be seen in the sidebar.

We would appreciate it greatly if our fantastic members could use this to rate us and leave comments on some of our monitors.

You simply click the link, fill out the form and voila! You've submitted to multiple monitors at once.

As a little thank you for doing this I will give bonus entries to any members that use this which will be taken into account when picking the winners for our testimonial contest!

If your new and haven't heard about the testimonial contest yet, I will include the details again.

Please note, In order for this to be successfully submitted you need to supply your correct username.

Upon approval these testimonials will be added to our site in the testimonials section.
On February 4th, 2013 we will randomly select 5 winners to receive a bonus to there account.

The grand prize winner will receive a $250 bonus to there account while the remaining 4 winners will receive $50 bonus's to there accounts.

You can feel free to add your feedback to our forum threads as well, and anywhere else you'd like. These won't apply to the contest, but are always welcomed!

 OKPay is now accepted-IFG Trading

Hello Cecilio Abalos Jr

This time OKPay payment processor has been added,You can use your OKPay account for invest in our company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if have any questions.

Kind regards,
IFG Trding Customer Service Department.


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