Friday, February 1, 2013

Received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from proforexunion

I made 2nd deposit from proforexunion last week ago and received already my 50% investment from this program. After this deposit, I will left my profits for my next 3rd deposit from this program so that I will get 100% investment already. This is my status from this program:

Investment: $130
ROI (Return of Investment): $74.75

These are the following programs that I got paid today: proforexunion, xgolding, ad-solid, stalliongold (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), sol-r (2x-instant), ricanadfunds, stravia, pipmega, hurricaneassets, proforexunion, and stravia.

I received an update from admin Russel Chapman from ricanadfunds:


Russel Chapman update:


We are in the process of preparing "Rican Travel" for launch.

We will be looking for local Country agents, excellent commissions paid.

You must be

1. Resident in the applicable country,
2. Fluent in the local language both spoken and written,
3. Fluent in English (British version) both spoken and written,
4. Self motivated and enthusiastic. this is not a money for nothing position. :)

Please apply by sending a private message to

The same also from uinvest that I got email from the program:


UINVEST: New affiliate program: make up to 20% in 2013!

Dear, Cecilio Abalos Jr

New affiliate program: make up to 20% in 2013!

Have you noticed that your referral commission is the same today and has not decreased to the basic level?
As you know, UInvest's success is built on the honest and fair attitude towards its clients. We always offer the most profitable terms for a mutual cooperation. Today we are making the next step forward, and offer new terms of cooperation to affiliate partners that will let us reach more success in our work.
Starting February 1, 2013 we remove the notions of basic and bonus referral commissions! Now you have a single commission that depends on your referrals' activity only. A new concept is simple - your commission increases when your referrals actively invest with UInvest, and decreases when the opposite takes place.
- From now on a commission will not decrease every month, it will grow together with your referrals´activity!
- The commission's upper limit is 20%!
In this case new terms will let you get fabulously high earnings, and everything depends only on you now!
The official news about the new affiliate program is expected to be released on Monday, February 4.

All the best from UInvest.


Friday Newsletter

Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

UInvest is now available in the Apple store.

We have become closer to you, haven't we? Are you interested to know in what way? A mobile version of Uinvest has been already introduced and it is now accessible at the Apple Store. Now you can learn the most interesting and relevant news as well as all the necessary information via your own phone in any location. You can also manage your account with the help of your mobile device.
A non-stop process.
You might have noticed that during the month of January we have done a lot for easy and comfortable usage of our website. In particular, the Complaint button was added with a purpose to escalate your suggestions/complaints towards the service quality to the management of the company. We have also implemented the Timeline option, which reflects the progress of the whole UInvest team, i.e. all options that were and are to be implemented in the future. For example, according to the Timeline, the long-awaited Funds Transfer option is scheduled to be released in February. Please be sure that we will always do our best to make you happy with such featres in the future.
UIC 2013 Newsletter
We would like to announce that we will publish a UIC2013 newsletter on a weekly basis with the purpose to keep you informed about the latest updates and arrangements of the main event of the U-year 2013 - UInvest Conference 2013 (UIC2013). Every Wednesday you will be able to read a newsletter that will contain three the most exciting news about the conference. The first issue is published this 
Article of the month
Since its launch in December of 2011, the GUN (Global Uinvest Network) Project has become one of the most successful UInvest initiatives. On 12/12/12 Uinvest celebrated its 1st anniversary. To shed more light on details of this project, we decided to dedicate an article that describes the GUN's story. Please follow this link for the full article.

What is the International Year of Water Cooperation for UN ?
Next letter will be issued on Friday,
February 8th. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.

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