Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visitad promo ended for viewing 50 ads and get free $1

These are the following programs that I got paid today: visitad, bensonunion (instant-problem status), profitableadfunds, stalliongold (instant), proforexunion (2x), xgolding (2x), felmina (problem status), stravia (instant), eurextrade (instant), hurricaneassets, and sol-r.

Finally, visitad closed the promo of giving $1 for just viewing 50 ads per day. Many members creating multiple accounts with different email address with only one payment STP payment processor that's why the promo is already ended. Those who won $1 free from this program are lucky. This is the email update that I received;


VISITAD: Important Update On Promo Offer

We have noted some of the users are Abusing the Promo Offer by creating Multiple ids and withdrawing to same payment processor.Those users will have all accounts banned along with their IP.

We are modifying few settings for promo offer and also deleting multiple accounts hence the promo offer will be closed for time being.

Minimum Cashouts have been increased and henceforth Minimum withdrawal in LR, PM & Egopay is 5 $ and STP is 10$.


Profitclicking changed the minimum withdrawal to $100 for pre and $50 for post profit. Unlucky this week due to changing time everyday for opening withdrawal bucket. More and more members hard to hit the bucket even they changed it already to $100 minimum withdrawal. STP (solidtrustpay) is the only one payment processor that can get in this bucket compare to other processors even it is already open. I hope next week will be my lucky day.

Ricanadfunds is my #1 top programs for this month with over 21,000+ registered members. This program is still safe even ismadsincome is already lost sales because the withdrawal is higher than purchased ad units. This is one of the big investors from this program that invested at the month of December 2012. I uploaded the photo of the purchased units:

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