Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ad-solid is paying

I joined ad-solid few days ago due to ten (10) forums posted this program. These forums are moneymakergroup, talkgold, dreamteammoney, (russian forum), carigold, (russian forum), moneyfanclub, rolclub, (russian forum), and (russian forum). This is my last new added programs in my list this January 2013.

1.2% -2.1% daily Investment period: 150 days

The project is created with two goals. The first goal is to enable advertisers to promote their products and services to a clearly defined audience - investors in the Internet. The second goal is to enable investors to participate in profitable medium-term programs and with their investments to help developing the site and increase its audience. Investors also receive advertising opportunities to promote their products, services, or referral links from other projects. Both goals are united on our site, for the investors are as well the consumers of advertising. So the project really works and advertisers give real money for the interest to be paid in our medium-term programs. We have introduced additional incentive for our investors.

Of course our site AD Solid - is the top of the iceberg of our advertising opportunities. Due to long-term personal and business relationships in the advertising world, we can offer various options to promote your products or services worldwide. Advertising campaign is aimed at a particular category of consumers - geographical, gender or age group, as well as by user preferences.

Depending on the financial state of the project, we pay a daily bonus in the range of 0 .. 0.2%. To receive this bonus please enter your private office at least once a day, thus you will qualify to receive the bonus in the following 24 hours after a visit to your office. Besides the interest on the deposit is growing each day by 0.002%, which is at the end of investment term provides a tangible increase of 0.3%.

We are confident that you have made the right choice trusting to professionals in the field of online advertising.

Investment plans:

Interest: 1.2% daily.
Investment amount: from $10.00 to $499.99.

Interest: 1.3% daily.
Investment amount: $ 500.00 до $ 1,999.99.

Interest: 1.4% daily.
Investment amount: $ 2,000.00 до $ 4,999.99.

Interest: 1.7% daily.
Investment amount: $ 5,000.00 до $ 24,999.99.

Interest: 2.1% daily.
Investment amount: от $ 25,000.00 до $ 50,000.00.

Investment period: 150 calendar days

Return of the deposit: at the end of the period.
Days of profit charge: working days

Minimum deposit: 10 USD
Commission Ref: three levels of 5% +3% +1%
Payment Systems: PM, LR, STP, EgoPay
Compounding from 0 to 100%
Withdrawal: up to $ 50- instant

Technical data

* Dedicated server from Staminus
* SSL by Thawte bought for 2 years
* Domain of ENOM, Inc registered on 3 years
* AntiDDoS from Staminus Communications
* A unique, multi-script with a high degree of data security.


Currently, our company is in the process of legal registration in the Republic of Panama.
Address: Suite 1208-B, 12th Floor Tower, Torre de Las Americas, Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama.
Marketing department - [email] [/email]
Tel.:  507.836.6031

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