Saturday, January 19, 2013

Received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from stalliongold

Stalliongold launch three (3) months ago but I did not invest because the owner of this program is HYIP monitor. When I'm newbie in HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), I joined those at the top programs they promoting but within a few days or months it became scammed. That's why after three (3) months playing those ponzi program programs I don't believe HYIP monitors. Thousands of monitors lying there income specially when they are small investors so that people join under them. 

Today I received my 50% investment from this program because one of my referrals today invest more than $500 that's why I earned $38 from him. This is my status of this program;

Investment: $200
ROI (Return of Investment): $100.96

I decided to invest from this program because admin have hundreds of banners advertisement from all HYIP monitors. I visited most HYIP monitors that's why I saw all of them specially large banners. The program is also in the top of there programs even there is new launch HYIP. I'm expecting the life of this program for more than six (6) months like what happened to other successful programs that I selected.

These are the following programs that I got paid today: felmina, profitableadfunds, eurextrade (instant), proforexunion, bensonunion (instant), and xgolding.  

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